The End of the World Book 1

June 11, 2013
The End of the World
Book 1

I could not believe it, the world was ending. It all started last Friday morning. Aaron and I were playing catch with a baseball. Then his dad Jerry was watching us. Then out of nowhere some person came around the corner looking all crazy then the person turned its head towards us and started coming towards us and I was in shock half of the person’s face was gone and it was covered in blood. Aaron’s dad (Jerry) yelled at us to get back inside. I heard Jerry saying man are you okay then Aaron turned and saw his dad screaming in pain as the person was eating his dad. I could hear his words “take care of Aaron”. So I promised to myself to take care of Aaron his last words were “run”. So I yelled at Aaron when we saw a giant horde of those flesh eating people.
I told Aaron we should call 911 so we went inside Aaron’s house and rushed to the phone and I started dialing 911 I waited for someone to answer but no one answered. “That’s not normal” said Aaron, they always answer. “Not today” Zach said. We rushed down the street to Jarod’s house but all we found was his dad but he wasn’t on the floor he was walking with blood all over him he was just like the other one. Aaron yelled at him your kind killed my dad. I started to comfort Aaron when I had the chance to relies there was a pistol on the ground. When I saw what the person did to Aaron’s dad I knew it was goanna be the same thing with this person. So I dove for the pistol and I shot it 3 times in the chest but it was still standing. So I dragged the gun over in the air got the crossairs right on its head and I yelled die you stupid ZOMBIE!!! And then I pulled the trigger.
What did you call that thing said Aaron. I don’t know what I said. I think you said Zombie but I don’t care will just call those things zombies then. So we went to look for Jarod and found him in his room and he was blocking the door. We herd Jarod crying “what’s wrong” Zach said. I just saw my dad turn. Zach and Aaron looked at each other and said what? “Turned its where if you get bit or scratched you turn into one of those things” said Jarod. Aaron and I call them Zombies said Zach. Come on out and will go look for Thomas I think I know where he is.
They headed down the street when they saw a bunch of dead bodies they just felt like they were really sick. They searched and searched until they found Thomas at the gas station. The first words to come out of his mouth were wow I’m so glad to see those faces. When I heard something in the gas station I was said there’s one in there. Thomas said don’t fire it’s a group of government people there highly trained I met them on the way here.
One came out and said hi I’m General Pacer I am the leader of highly trained operatives. May I ask what your name is? My name is Zach to the left is Aaron to the right is Jarod and you have already met Tho……… Before I could finish saying his name we could hear screaming in the gas station so we ran in quickly. There were a total of 5 of them 1 leader 4 soldiers we rushed in and saw two bodies on the ground next thing you know a zombie pops out of nowhere and bites the General Pacer there are exactly three left now I told them to run for it but it was too late more zombies were coming and we could not hold them off so I said RUN!!!! Then one zombie grabbed another officer and started eating him then finally we escaped. When we escaped I said what are your names to the two remaining officer’s one was a boy and one was a girl. The boy said I’m Brett and this is Jordan. To be Continued……….

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