The Mágos: The Topaz Token

June 6, 2013
After hours of searching, analyzing, and running, they were in no luck. Emit, jumped out of the tree, panting like an exhausted guard dog. He leaned over on his knees, and felt the leaves and dirt beneath him. Surprisingly, the dirt was red, like blood. As he stood up he brushed his thing black hair out of his face and adjusting his thick rimmed glasses. He turned around looking for Levi, his best friend, and accomplice in adventure. Levi was nowhere in sight, but Emit knew that he was fine. Looking back down at the red dirt, Emit followed it while clearing the path with his feet. The path lead straight in the most golden river he had ever seen. The river shone bright like the sun, almost blinding his eyes. In the distant of the river there was a moving black object. He ran close to the river making sure not to slip. He grabbed a whimsy tree that grew oddly from the dirt.
“Help! Hel-Help! H-” Screamed Levi, while attempting to stay above the water, spitting gulps of water out.
“Levi, hold on! I’m coming!” Emit exclaimed as he ran desperately after him.
He searched for a vine or branch of some sort. He could hear the water rushing like roaring tiger. He felt the rocks under his feet rumbling and he could hear his heart beat like bass drum. He reaching into his back pack and searching for a rope. After a few seconds of searching he unhooked his belt and whipped it into the water like a cracking whip. The belt made a clean and crisp crack, but the sound was drowned by the pleading sounds of Levi.
“Levi, grab this!” Instructed Emit.
Still running, he threw this belt in a few more time, attempting to perfectly land in front of Levi. The roaring of the river grew larger. They both looked in front of them noticing the river leading into a gigantic waterfall. They were running out of time. Finally, Levi grabbed on and began to pull for his life. The waterfall was only meters away, but Levi held on with his life. Emit pulled with everything he had, but the river was too strong. Emit wrapped the belt around his left wrist, and pulled his sword from over his shoulder and stabbed it deep into the ground. He swung body around the sword hold onto it and the belt with his last muscle. Finally, Levi was coming out of the water, but his legs were dangling in the air at the edge of the waterfall. Just as Levi crawled out of the water, they both began to laugh in relief. Just as they were getting to give each other high-fives, a Spanish Mafia pointed their Ak-47s right at Emit and Levi’s back
“Don’t move or we will shoot! Put your hands up slowly. Despacio!” the man in front shouted.
Emit and Levi both put their hands slowly in the air, and got up in silence. One of the men grabbed Emit’s sword and pushed the two in front of the gang. Emit and Levi carefully observed the men, noticing every detail. The man with Emit’s sword had a scar across one of his eyes, and had a dragon tattoo slithering up his neck. The leader, the man who yelled at them first, had long brown hair with a white stripe. He had both ears pierced with large gold skull studs. One of his canine teeth was golden and the older was sharp as a knife. He also had a tattoo, but it was a snake that wrapped around his left arm. He had a large cigar in his mouth, and he had the largest most majestic black horse among the members of the gang. They heard the other members calling the leader Rey, which meant king in Spanish. The third member, wore a white cow boy hat, and had red snake skin boots, and a long white beard that came to his chest. He looked older than everyone in the gang, but he had a warm smile. The last member was the youngest, and he was thin. He had no facial hair, and had short hair on his head. He wore a jean jacket, and black jean pants. He held an AK-47 in his hands, but he looked like he didn’t know how to use it.
The gang members tied Emit and Levi’s hands and waist to different horses with a think rope. The mafia got back on their horses and rode slowly forward. The sun was blaring hot, but they kept moving without complaining. Finally, after a few hours, Emit gave Levi a look.
“Hey, can we take a leak? I can’t hold it anymore, plus it is getting really hot,” Levi asked.
“Don’t be playing games on us, I’ll kill you,” the leader said.
The think small man un-tied them from the horses and guided them into the bushes, but he closely watched them while pointing his at their backs. Emit kept a grin on his face and looked over at Levi who was already emptying his bladder. Emit finished peeing and zipped up his pants.
“Hey, is that diamond?” Emit said with a deceiving face while pointing a few inches from his feet.
“Let me take a look,” demanded the mobster.
As the mobster leaned over to check out the so called diamond, Emit jammed his elbow into the man’s face and kicked his gun out of his arms. Emit snatched the gun from the air and tossed it Levi, who immediately, shot the other three members dead. Emit grabbed his sword and jumped onto the black beauty, while Levi hopped onto one of the other horses. They both heeled their horse in a synchronized smack, following the dirt path. The dirt blew behind them like a dragon blowing fire, covering the dead mafia members.
They were still missing something though-the reason for why they were in Peru in the first place- the topaz token. This token was supposedly the key to the fortress of fortune. The fortress possessed unlimited jewels and gold. It was just a myth, but the boys wanted it. Emit and Levi were both magicians back home in Las Vegas; they had a headline show on Friday’s, but they always thrived for a great adventure. Emit was a philosopher and Levi was a child prodigy, who used to be the world’s youngest medical professor at just age 18. Together they both had the greatest magic show of all times, but they always followed myth and legend for the rush of adrenaline. This time they were after to the topaz token. The legend says that 2,000 years ago a Persian king moved a topaz token to an Aztec temple in South America to protect it from Arabic thieves. The Aztecs cherished the token believing it was a gift from god, but recently, the token was stolen and Emit and Levi were after it to bring back peace to South America. Many South Americans today claim that when the token is out of place it causes the god’s to be angry causing earthquakes and hurricanes to the people. On this note, they were off again searching for the topaz token.

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