How a Spork Changed the World

June 7, 2013
Long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away, there was the planet Uten-Sil. On this planet there lived three tribes, the Spoons, the Forks, and the Knives. The three tribes didn’t like each other because of the way they all looked. Each tribe looked special and different in their own ways, so they discriminated each other for looking different. Because the tribes didn’t like each other, they decided to separate themselves. Each of the tribes took to their own continents on the planet of Uten-Sil. The Spoons took to Spafrica, the Forks took to Feurope, and the Knives took to Knasia.

One day, the Forks invaded the Spoons’ on their territory and took them as slaves. This started the era known as the Slave Trade. As time went on, the tribes started exploring their small planet of Uten-Sil and they discovered new lands. The Knives didn’t really do much, they don’t mess around in the worlds affairs, except during wars. There was the Kong Jim Knife incident having to do with the leader of Knife Korea, but other than that they’re just little guys.

The Forks one day sought after to explore the sea, so they did. They found a great and mighty continent, naked of inhabitants and others just like them. It was what the Forks called, “The New World.” They decided to name this continent Amurca. Meanwhile, back in Feurope a civil dispute was going on forcing a large amount of Forks and Spoon slaves to leave, and settle down in Amurca. They created their own government there, and split the continent up into states. The Forks called it the United Plates of Amurca.

The Slave Trade era was a very horrible time in Amurca, there was no respect amongst the tribes living there, especially against the slaves. The Forks looked at the Spoons as if they were less than dirt. They treated them horribly. The Forks would hit them, kick them, spit on them, call them profane names, and worst of all, a Fork could commit a crime and blame it on a Spoon, and the Spoon would get in trouble even though everyone knew the Fork did it. It was terrible. This was mostly because of the way everyone looked so there was plenty of discrimination.

Everything changed one day when a Fork named Fango, a bounty hunter, fell in love with a Spoon named Spoonhilda, a slave. This had never happened before because falling in love with a different race was forbidden. Fango didn’t care, he was madly in love. He rode through the night, all the way to the slave owner’s house where Spoonhilda was being kept. He killed every single Fork there and freed all the Spoon slaves. Fango and Spoonhilda rode majestically through the night following the moon and stars, going wherever it would take them.
They later got married, and had a child by the name of Dave. Dave was the first child of his kind; he was both a Spoon and a Fork. In public, he was constantly judged. The other tribes would say, “He is not one of us!” But then they would say, “But he is, he looks like us so he must be one of us.” He was accepted by all tribes, for he was a Spork. Dave was the salvation of the nation, he brought the two tribes, the Spoons, and the Forks, together as one, and they no longer had slaves or fought each other anymore. There was peace in the world, except for those Knasians. They are a bit volatile, but oh well. It’s funny how a Spork can change the world.

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