John's Final Stand: Prologue

June 3, 2013
By Shadowlight PLATINUM, Chatsworth, Georgia
Shadowlight PLATINUM, Chatsworth, Georgia
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John's finger was steady on the trigger of his prized revolver, while sweat dripped off his brow onto the dirt ground below. He was aiming it straight at the woods, where he could see a masculine figure standing beside one of the trees. Earlier, his nemesis said to meet him at the front of the Apache Forest right outside town, and that is exactly where he stands, with his trusty gun drawn. So who else could it be standing over there by that great oak other than John's nemesis and well-known infamous outlaw James Carter?

John hopes that it's James, for he craves revenge on this man that vandalized his town and killed its proud police officers. That night, he was asleep from a hard day's work, and he had heard horrible screams while he was dreaming. The shouts sounded like they were from the policemen but after it was much too late, John woke up,and thought it was only a dream. Though he was wrong and once he had looked out his window, he found that his once prosperous town of Pensacola was under siege.

James was giving a speech in front of the court house, and he said that everyone had to abide by his rules. John wouldn't have it that way though, and he interrupted James in the middle of his speech to challenge him to a stand off. James accepted under the condition that if he won, John had to leave and he could marry his beautiful wife Amy once he was gone. John accepted, and of course if James lost, he understood John's conditions, which were making his fellow posse pack their saddles and leave his town.

John still stood out there, the figure not making a single move. He wondered if this is all just a trap and Jame's men are just going to come up from behind and capture him. He had no choice to but come out here and hope that James is a man of his word.His henchman run the town and if John tried to do something rebellious, he'd be shot down in an instant for even thinking such a thing. He simply has to trust the words of this evil outlaw.

The shadowy figure finally moves out from the woods to where he is visible under the moonlight. It's James, an John was ecstatic. So far so good, he thought. Maybe They'll actually have a fair shoot out, he thought.

"You ready for this boy?!" shouted James.

"I was ready as soon as i saw your hideous face in my town."

"Well, let's get to it then!" He says as he pulls out his revolver, aiming it straight at me. Suddenly, tons of his henchman come out of the woods holding townsfolk hostage in their arms, and with guns to their heads. Half of them line up to one side of John and James, the other half on the opposite side of them.

"Hold on a minute! Hold on John, it gets better!" James says with a devilish smirk.

He goes into the woods and comes out with his wife. The sight of Amy made John want to lash out right then and there, but he knew he would lose that fight. Once James got to where he was originally standing for the shootout, he pushes Amy right into the middle of the fight. He then pulls out his gun and aims it at her. Amy looks at John with tears and hopelessness in her eyes. Eyes that know what is about to happen, eyes that know this situation is not going to end well for any of them.

The horrors of this situation and the possible reasons behind it consume John, and so he tries to take his mind to a happier time. When his town wasn't overrun, when James used to be his brother and best friend, when he had gotten married, when his wife became pregnant. His life literally began to flash before his eyes, and the present(now frozen in time to his mind) was no longer the focus.

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