Search for the Blue Tiger

May 9, 2013
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It was a trip like no other. We were traveling to the Amazon Jungle in search of a blue tiger. It was for a new study on the habitat and living conditions of the tiger. We would also take blood samples to try and identify the rare chromosome that caused the tiger to be born blue. The trip began with us packing all of our gear and heading towards the airport. The plane ride was relatively boring. It was a 12 hour ride with the same movie being played over and over. We finally arrived at the airport and began our 4 hour Jeep ride into the heart of the Amazon. We met our guide a man named Larry. Larry had been a guide in these parts for over 30 years and had multiple sightings of this tiger. He informed us that to find this elusive animal would be very difficult and our chances of even seeing it where slim. We promised ourselves that we would not leave the jungle until we had the tiger in captivity. We began our treck into the jungle; it was a hard walk, using machetes to cut our way into the overgrowth. The guide told us that the animal was seen as a spirit-god to the natives and that to them seeing it was a sign of good fortune. He also warned that taking the tiger might upset the natives and would be seen as an act of aggression. We continued walking through the brush when all of a sudden we heard a noise. It was a low guttural growl. We caught a glimpse of blue fur, there it was, and we had found the tiger. The guide swung his gun and pulled off a shot with his tranquilizer gun. It stuck in the tiger’s neck and the great beast went down. This was going to be a major breakthrough in the scientific world. We could identify the gene and possibly alter future generations of animals to be blue. The hunt was done, but the real work was still to be done.

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