The Elephant Heist

May 9, 2013
By Brody100 BRONZE, Monte Vista, Colorado
Brody100 BRONZE, Monte Vista, Colorado
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“When should we attack?” asked Barley, as he checked his AK47 one more time.
“I don’t know, I think around 2:00 o’clock tomorrow morning. That’s when the prize will be the most vulnerable,” said Jones.
The two men grabbed their weapons and equipment and headed off into the back room. Once there, they checked their ammunition supply, the barrels of the guns, and checked to see if their masks had any holes in them. They each imagined what they would do with the money that they would receive for selling their prize. Although, if there were any holes in their masks, the people that might witness their heist might know who they are and would certainly turn them in. If they were caught and turned in, then their dreams would be ruined forever.

Barley hung his gun on the crooked rack that stuck out of the cracked cement wall and sat down on his dirty cot to think about his future and what he would do with the money. Barley was sitting on the beach with a pina colada in one hand and a magazine in the other. The magazine read, “The Rich and the Famous: The Top Ten” with his face on the front cover. As he looked up, he noticed a tall, handsome man in a black suit walk up to him. Barley wanted to know what the man wanted as he presented a badge.
“Island Security,” replied the man. They then had a further discussion about the monthly issues they had.
Barley thanked him for the visit, decided to go inside for a refreshing smoothie since the weather report announced that it was ninety-eight degrees today. He stood up, turned around and glanced over at the waterfall’s droplets glistening off of the sun’s rays. He thought to himself and announced out loud that his personal island was the most majestic place on the face of the earth as he walked in the sliding glass door of his modern mansion. Inside, on the couch sat his model of a wife and he remembered the night they met. It was the best night of his life and he knew that he had a perfect life.

Sitting in the office chair next to him, Jones imagined his own life as a rich entrepreneur. People of Asian, African, Indian, and Colonial descent with green, brown, black, and even grey hair walked past his office on a daily basis. One person on particular always seemed to glance into the office at the same time of the day, five 0’clock sharp. Jones would always be in his office filing paper work or working on a new design for the company and he always noticed the person. He used to believe that it was his boss checking in on him or someone stalking him but recently he had a change of heart and every time that person would peer through his window he would smile. One day Jones got fed up with the person peering in through his door and he decided to wait outside by the watering fountain to see who it would be. He waited there for half an hour and no one stopped at his door once. He started to get discouraged and was about to go back in when a woman walked up to his door and peered through the glass. He was shocked for it was Martha, the secretary down in the main lobby that had been looking through his door at five o’clock every day. Jones had always had a crush on her since the first day he arrived for a job interview at Minds Intervention United eight months ago. He decided to walk up to her to ask her out for a cup of coffee when he woke up with a jolt as the alarm clock next to him chimed the arrival of two a.m., the time of the heist.

Jones looked at the alarm clock disappointed at the impeccable timing that the alarm clock had and at the point in his dream that it had woken him up. He then noticed Barley was still awake so he took the opportunity to scare him. Jones grabbed his AK and shot of a few round into the ceiling of the room. In an instant, Barley jumped out of his cot and was standing an inch away from the barrel of the gun.
Jones quickly moved the gun back and said, “Careful, you’re likely to get shot doing that.”
Barley groaned with a sense of puzzlement and headed toward the truck.
In a matter of a few minutes, the two men were heading down Fifth Avenue toward the Ringling Bro’s and Barnurn and Bailey Circus. Both Jones and Barley were very anxious to get the job done and to not get caught by the circus security or the cops. They pulled up to the circus gate, stopped the truck, put their masks on, and spotted their prize, the twelve ton elephant.
Jones hopped out of the truck and opened up the doors so that they could quickly load the animal on board. Once he was done with that, Barley opened up the circus gate and drove the truck on through. He parked the vehicle next to the giant creature and started poking it with his gun to get it to move into the truck. The elephant did not like what was happening to him and decided not to move. Then all of a sudden, a cop car drove by and noticed what they were doing and turned on his lights and siren. Barley and Jones heard the siren and in a last attempt shot the elephant with their guns to get it to move onto the truck. The elephant on the other hand cried out with pain and ran off in the other direction.

The two, scared they would be caught, gave up their attempt to steal the creature and jumped in the truck. Barley started the truck and the two raced off through the circus gate, past the police officer, and headed out of town never to be seen again.

The author's comments:
I am from Sargent School. I was inpired to wirte this short story when I read a news article about a happening in Columbia.

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