zombie apocalypse

April 19, 2013
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It all started on a dark mysterious night in the town of Fargo. When you get a call from the police saying to barricade all the windows and doors of your house. Then in the morning there is a pounding on the door. So, you go to the window and see your neighbor at your door with blood all around his mouth. So you get your gun from the gun cabinet and go upstairs and you shoot your neighbor.
Then you make a decision to leave your house or stay and get overwhelmed by zombies, because you shot your neighbor. Since zombies are attracted by sound. Then you decide to go to the town of kelso. On your way you’re about to turn a blind corner, when a tank shoots at a group of zombies and kills them. Then you take highway 81 and you see a runaway train going 95 mph and derail and exploded. When you get to kelso there is a 9 year old girl under a bridge hiding from a zombie that is trying to eat her. You get out of your mini-van with your wife and go get the girl, while you do that your wife was being eaten. You and the little girl run to a semi-truck and drive to Morris, Canada then you stop at a deserteWalmartrt and get food and check what cargo you got.
When you open the door there is pistols, assault rifles. There is Light machine guns and many rounds of ammo. After finding a gold mine, you go inside and go to the soup isle, then the bread isle, but, in the frozen food isle, there are two zombies eating a dead person on the ground. So you shoot them, get the food and go. Then you reach a big town of Winnipeg. You stop by a truck stop to get diesel, when you get there a group of people come out and an old women says “do you have any other people with you that have been bitten or scratched.” You say,” no, all I have is a 9 year old girl.” Then they decide to let you stay at the truck stop for the night. In the middle of the night zombies caught the smell of the people you are with. So in the confusion of the attack, you and the little girl run to your truck. Start the truck to drive off when 3 people jumped on the truck, and get in the back. After the attack you drive 3 miles down the road and stop to make sure those people were comfortable. After driving again, the little girl has to go to the bathroom so you stop at a rest area. After 10 minutes a group of zombies come down the interstate at you so you duck in the trailer to hide. When the zombies are outside of the trailer the little girl that was in the bathroom was outside. Then you open the little girl is eaten. You run to your truck and drive to the town of Winnipeg beach on the Coast of Winnipeg Lake. When you get there, there are no zombies in the area so you set up camp on the beach and start fishing and you catch a bunch of perch. After you flay the fish a little zombie girl walking toward you so you knife her so you don’t attract more zombies to you camp. In the morning there are 20 to 30 zombies wandering near the blood from the fish. Then to pack up quietly so the zombies don’t attack you. Then you head off toward the west to the coast. But you stop about half way at the town of Mendota, Canada to get diesel. Then you go for the coast, to be short due to a downed bridge. So you go back to the town Terrance, Canada and went on the road of doom because that is where the zombies started. At half way you come along a group of screamers.
After the scare he made it to anchorage where they got gas and supplies. That night they went to the kingie peninsula in Alaska. After about a year you build a cabin with booby traps everywhere. One night you here a noise outside, you look at the window and see a man that is saying “let me in, please.” So you let him in. that night you tell him to start building a barricade around the cabin with dried clay bricks. You then tell him to get people who can kill zombies and live in the base. After a year he found 45 people to kill zombies. After months of planning, they leave home in a semi, recreational vehicle, and 3 cars. 1 week of traveling to Washington, they start there killing spree.
2 days of killing zombies they lost 3 men. In the red wood forest, you find an army bunker with tanks, 20mm cannons, half-tracks, and millions of rounds of ammo. You decide to take 2 half-tracks, a tank, and a flat-bed semi-trailer with the 20mm cannon on the trailer with sand bags all the way around to protect the people on the trailer. After traveling for 43 days you lose 22 men, but clear 3 states of zombies. At midnight you hear a plane in the sky, so you fire a flare. In the morning you are surrounded by 30,000 zombies because of the sound of the plane. You and the other 24 people start to get on the trucks and start shooting all the zombies after the 8 days all your men have died and there are about 10 left and you only have 8 rounds of ammo. After you kill 9 zombies and run out of ammo, you run to your RV and radio a team of nuke runners that are in kanas. Then you black out because you got bite by a zombie. After 3 hours you wake up to a sound a horror. It’s the whistling sound as the nukes fall from the sky. 3 years later all the zombies in the use are dead because of 200 nukes that hit the ground and killed millions of zombies. After the disaster happens you get a memorial for your bravery of killing zombies.

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ElaineEL27 said...
May 20, 2013 at 10:07 am
This was all a bit confusing, what with the formatting. However, I enjoyed it immensely. I've always had an odd fascination with the zombie apocalypse, and my best friend is a firm believer, so I definitely believe you're onto something. :)
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