bigfoot's adventure

April 18, 2013
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Once upon a time there was a lonely Bigfoot who was the “monster” of the land and everybody hated him because he just wanted to have a friend.

So it all started when all 5 Bigfoots where hunted and he went into hiding so they would not find him and when he heard gun shots go off went to the spot where he heard the gun shots and found his best bud Bigfoot 2. So then he heard 2 gun shots go off and he went to hide in the cave to find a group of 10 people around the cave entrance so he started to go away when he stepped on a twig and the hunters took 1 shot and it hit the tree to left to him. So he ran to a mountain so see Bigfoot 5, the only female and every Bigfoot asked her on a date but him so she kind of loved him but, he had deep feelings for her. Then they walked for 3 hours to an abandoned shed and when they got there the smelt a scent of people and they looked around to find Bigfoot 4. So they went on to the snow and the adapted in 2 days and turned white but, when they looked for food a gun shot hit the ground beside them and they ran to the tree and saw a valley with lots of trees and a river with fish and animals to eat.

Then 2 hunters came and he killed them both and she was proud of him and they walked to a small cave with a steam going through it and they saw a light at the other end so they went to the other side to see a village of Bigfoots and told them about the stories about the other Bigfoots and they had a grave yard and had a full memorial serves for the 3 Bigfoots so then they heard a sound 100 feet from the cave entrance so about 40 Bigfoots came in armor and killed 12 hunters. But then Bigfoot 5 and he got names, “Liz and killer.” So then killer jointed the army and Liz was very proud and he did patrols and brought back a deer or 2 for lunch Liz told him “I’m going to have a baby.” So they were so happy. Then the hunters came in by hundreds and killing Bigfoots. So they left for the hills where it was hard of the people to get over fast so the 40 big foots left and build stone houses. The Liz was about to have their kid. So she went to the hospital and killer asked to leave the base to go to the hospital. That night at 3:21p.m. The baby was born and they named him “Jesus” that was a piece of heaven to them. When Jesus was 14 he caught his first deer and brought it home for supper and that moment killer said, “ you are going to be in the Bigfoot army with me.” Years went by and the hunters came and shot killer’s son and Liz. And over the next few years killer killed the hunters who hunted the Bigfoots. Meanwhile, 300 miles away Jesus was alive and was working as a slave at binger Bigfoot work camp. Liz was gravely ill and about to die. When a train came in and Liz had hopes killer was on the train, but he was not on the train. And a week later Liz died. And every day he heard a train whistle echo across the land so headed in the direction and saw the train tracks. So, he walked when there was a valley where he saw a Bigfoot resistance… he arrived at the small camp under the train bridge and asked what the plan was. He soon found out when the train came to get more Bigfoots for the station 30 miles away. BOOM!! The train bridge exploded and the train fell into the valley below. Then another train stopped short of the bridge and it unloaded. RUUUUMMMMMMBBBBBLLLLLEEE! Two tanks rolled down into the valley into the valley and shots blew up the houses and killed 36 of the 70 Bigfoots and all the rest were captured but to killer and mares a girl who now loved killer but killer had no feelings for the girl. So they marched about a day to see smoke coming down to tracks. And took mares. And killer killed 20 more men and saw the camp for the first time he saw the 700 acre packed with 1000 Bigfoots and at work area Jesus was bleeding from the back and killer was mad and hopped on a train to the next station and got off to run over 700 miles to 12 different Bigfoot tribes: little feet, eagles eyes, peacocks, and nine more tribes added up to 900 Bigfoots. So then they ran and attacked the work camp and many people and Bigfoots died but the most heroic thing was killer to a bullet to the chest to save Jesus from being shot and over all 400 Bigfoots survived and went on to make a small town called “killer”. Later Jesus tried to avenge his mom and dad’s deaths. The next day a sound was heard that all Bigfoots hate that they all ran away and just over the hill there was an army of about 400 hunters who killed the 69 Bigfoots and Jesus was the only Bigfoot left who did not die and he went to Antarctica to hide because it was cold so nobody went there and went down a craves because he thought he saw a Bigfoot track in the snow so he went down and saw over 900 Bigfoots. And meet a female Bigfoot named Katie and they dated for about 2 months and had 2 kids named killer JR. because of his dad and fizzy because of his mom which he deeply missed his parents. He followed his dad’s tracks and went back to the mainland and found some Mexican Bigfoots and said to them go 100 miles across ocean and gets the 900 Bigfoots in hiding and tells them to come and we will fight for our freedom. He finally got an award from the Bigfoot killer council (bkc). It was for 1000 hunters killed. And years went by… Jesus and Katie died and killer JR. got shot by a tank. So fizzy learned to hunt, so she started to avenge the death of her brother. Fizzy retired from the (bwa). And got married and has 1 kid named Pasqual. And they hide in the cave of condiments. When Pasqual was 3 a group of hunters shot fizzy. So he hides in a cave of ketchup to live. Pasqual got captured by a loving woman who took care of him. Later in life, a hunter finds them and shoots the women. But Pasqual found a passage said “Bigfoot exit.” And along the Nile river female Bigfoot found Pasqual. So then about seven years went by and the Bigfoot population started to go up but not the right way. Bigfoots where being breed by a bunch of scientists in a
Bunker called Hitler bunker because that’s where Hitler died. After an explosion about 34 Bigfoots escaped from the bunker and 14 of the Bigfoots were female so every year the population went up by about 17 to 18. Then they went out and got all male Bigfoots that where 5 years of age and started a war. The Bigfoots out of the Hitler bunker. Next year Pasqual’s mother died of foot cancer and at age 12 Pasqual got married, a normal age since Bigfoots live till 50. And there first kid was when he was 13. His name was Hinkle. He always acted like a dinosaur so his nickname is hinklesaurus. Hinkle got killed by a hippo because the hippo sat on him. But Pasqual and his wife had daughter named “hooter” nicknamed that because she only hooted as a baby. He was took into the army as siren, but she was ranked to a warning siren and she blared at almost everything that moved. So she was an animal scarcer. So then a group of hunters came and hooter saw them and hooter as loud as she could and scared the hunters away. She got the medal that killer got when he killed his 50 hunters in the army and she was very proud of herself. ½ years later, she was in the woods and an assassin, hired by a hunter, killed her on a training exercise. But in a cave that she lived in she had a baby, and she keep it a secret because if you have a baby in the army you will not be allow to be in the Bigfoot army. The lance, lance Armstrong, he was a shy little baby and never left the cave until the flood of 1997 when it flooded the cave. When he came out he saw the terrible world as a dump. So he wandered for miles in and around water to get to the Rocky Mountains where a friend of killer lived for many years and had kids the same age as lance. When he got to kanas an army was ready to kill him. But he was not alone because an army of moose have been stalking him. Later he reached the Rocky Mountains and lived happily ever after.

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