unicorn village

April 18, 2013
By nedyac SILVER, Hillsboro, North Dakota
nedyac SILVER, Hillsboro, North Dakota
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Once I was in the park when I saw a unicorn and I got closer so I could see it when I saw 2 unicorns so I got closer and saw a whole unicorn army so I asked to join and I made it so we went on to defeat the gummy bears and we killed 909 gummy bears of the gummy kingdom. After we beat the gummy bear kingdom we went on to the gummy worm tunnels to kill the 10000 gummy worms. So it was confusing to get out so I used the uni-tracker to find my way out. Then when we got out 10000 gummy worms were there to fight. So we fought for 45 days. But I the end we won the war. Then we walked for days and then saw a dragon patrol, so we knew we were close to dragon punch towers so we swam under the tower to lay 30 pounds of gummy charge from gummy bear kingdom to blow up the towers. Then we went on after we blew up the towers and found that the village has been blow up by the sugar ogres. So we created the unicorn resistance to stop the attacks on the village so we went on the candy mountain where the gum drops warriors cold help us make a home to fight of the sugar ogres. So we made a system of defense called unicorn horn shooter, so later the gummy dinosaurs came and the gummy t-Rex's ate 30 of the 1000 unicorns so we tried the unicorn horn shooter to kill the t-Rex's and it worked and the gum drops helped us kill the t-Rex's so we had meat for the whole winter. But the dragon punch army came in the night and killed 150 unicorns from the army.
Then we went the Toy-land to find a buzz light year army and we got victory over the light army. So we used horn turret to shoot down the enemy so we don’t die from the air.

After we defeated the light army we went to the water land under the toy land with unicorn scuba gear to make a dome of air so we do not die of drowning and we got attacked by the tiger fish army and we fought for 400 days and we ate the left over gummy t-Rex's that we killed. And then we defeated the tiger fish army so we went back to unicorn village to get 800 more troops to make our army invisible. Later we went to the giant land and we killed 700 giants and lost 200 unicorns in the battle. So we went on to the snow land in the Himalayas and got attacked by snowmen and they killed 300 of us and our army was getting smaller and we went to the yeti kingdom to ask if they would want to get back at the snowmen and they said they would. And our army was up to 7000 and we killed the snowmen so much that we used them for snow cones.

Later we went to the swamp land and faced thecrocodile army and won the fight and thecrocs wanted to join the army so we let them and we went on to conquer the rest of the swamp world.

So we went on to the robot land to make a living area but the army of 100,000 robot gave us 7 days to leave the planet. So wdidn't’t leave but we moved 7 miles away by the resistance bots so they joined the army of us and we went to take on the robots and we lost 98000 robots and unicorns so we won the battle so we went to the train planet to fight but they went strongly against fighting so we took a ride on the train to the planet of comazots where the brain of the planet controlled all and we fought for 1 year and we made it to the brain building where we used the power of love to defeat the brain so we went back to your home town and to find 700,000 animals we fought in precious battles and it 200 years to beat the army but on the last 7 days I was the only one left.
(p.s. the snowmen died because of the sun)

Unicorn village

The author's comments:
it is about me, but i get twisted into a unicorn army and go to weird places from snow to desert, to water to land

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