adventures of rockie and bloodshadow

April 26, 2013
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Rockie and bloodshadow find out they are werewolves but not just any werewolves the future leaders of their pack but bloodshadow finds that he might not have the right to title pack alpha after finding that he is half vampire the very thang that took starfire from him

Chapter 1: precamping
"Come on Rockie we are going to miss the bus and be felt at the school." I run around my room grabbing last minute things i want to take with me on the trip. "OK lets go bloodshadow i am ready." Rockie calls from outside my room. I leave the room going down stairs were mom is waiting to drive use to the school." hey mom ." i say hugging her then heading outside followed by Rockie. we get to the school as our class is loading the bus i jump out of the car running to the bus throwing my bag with everyone Else is and i load the bus waiting for my younger brother. " took you long enuf." i say as Rockie sits beside me. "mom was fussing with my hair and i couldn't get away." i laugh at him as the bus pulls out of the parking lot.

Chapter 2: camping
I grumble setting up the tent while Rockie gets to go to the creek to have fun. "why me" i ask looking at mister Bari. " because you are the one who put Ella in a headlock and put peanut butter in her hair." he says walking away. i finish setting up the tent and i head to the creek to find Rockie.i see him siting on the bank and i walk up shoving him in. "hey why did you do that?" he demands. laughing i tell him. "lets go explore rock." i run across the creek into the woods out of sight. i hear Rockie following me and i stop running to wait for him. "why you so slow today little bro?" i ask turning around seeing a boy that isn't my brother "hey who are you?" he runs at me shoving a rag over my mouth and i pass out.

Chapter 3: where the hell are we?
slowly i come to remembering what happened i look around and i see Rockie laying passed out next to me."rock,rock,Rockie!! wake up come on you big dope wake up. i watch as he jerks awake. i stand up come on. i look up from him as someone comes towards me. "who the hell are you and where are we?" i demand a snarl in my voice. " i am fangheart you are with the pack and we mean you no harm Rockieshild and bloodshadowmoon." he says calmly. " how do you know our true names?" i ask a little calmer remembering when i was younger mom telling me that we came from something know as the pack."you are the sons of clawtooth and the future pack alpha and bata." i stare at him not getting anything but that he knows my mom."so what" i glance to were Rockie is sitting up. " rock shut up please"i look back at the man. "your training will begen tomorrow get some rest or explore the pack house." he says leaving.

Chapter 4: starfire
slowly me and Rockie leave the room to explore. " well rock mom all ways said we would return to the home she had been born to." i laugh and bump into a young girl who looks to be about my age. "sorry about that whats your name?" i smile down at her offering my hand. "starfire and you are bloodshadowmoon am i right?" she ask letting me pull her up."yeah how did you know?" i smile at her then i glance at rock who is laughing his tail off. "talk of how blacktooth brought you and Rockieshild home is all over the house." she says turning to leave. "hey maybe we can hang out some time if you want." i say. " sure" she walks off. " blood she total has you your already chasing after a girl you have only know for a few mins." he laughs. " rock i just feel a connection to her that's all." i say stomping off.

Chapter 5: traning
"blood,blood,blood,BLOODSHADOW!!!!!!!!" Rockie screams jerking me from my daydream. "what?" i ask angrily. " you were daydreaming about that girl again weren't you?" he ask smuggle. " so what if i was?" i get ready box him good on the head. "that's all you do anymore." he growls launching at me. i let out a snarl launching at him as well. "stop!" we stop fighting loOKing up to see fangheart coming towards us. " what are you two fighting about." he ask glaring at us. " bloodshadow wont stop daydreaming about a girl he meet in the hall yesterday." rock say glaring at me. "who is this girl bloodshadow?" he ask. " she said her name is starfire." i say smiling. " Rockie do not be angry with your brother it is natural he is to be alpha and starfire is the only other wolf around his age who has the blood to be his alpha female so naturally thay like one another and daydream about each other. just like when you run into the only pack member your age who has the blood to be your bata female you wont be able to quit thinking about her until she is yours."he say and then walks out. " OK sorry blood." "no prob rock."

Chapter 6: phaseing
"arghhhh!" i scream in pain as my bones snap and reset into wolf shapes and fur sprouts from my back,arms,hands,legs and head.i feel my teeth getting longer and in the shape of wolf fangs and claws jut from my hands and feet. "Hooo Rrrrrrrrrrrr!" i howl the change finely complete. i feel a strange tugging at my mind as my brother and fangheart phase. i wince as i hier my brother cry out in the pain of the first change. "its almost complete rock just a little more" i say but i realise not with my mouth but my mind. " thanks blood." he says in my head as he completes the change. "fangheart how come we can talk to each other through our minds?" i ask. " its the link that forms between a alpha and his packmates. this way he can give orders to any packmate and no one Else but they can her it unless you are speaking to the whole pack they can only speak to you in this way." he tells me phasing back. i begen phasing back feeling less pain then phasing into my wolf form.

Chapter 7: starfires death
i sit stunded as i watch starfires body being brought into the house drianed of blood in the way i have been taught vampires do. as the new pack alpha i order my wolves to find and kill the vampire who did this. "rockie why her why starfire she never hurt the vampires?" i ask my younger brother crying slightly missing my mate." i dont know blood." he says a little sad to. i go back to my room in the packhouse and i lay down going to sleep.

Chapter Notes: this chapter is a time skip of about 7 mounths now

Chapter 8: am i the true alpha?
" what am i?" i ask my self running my tounge along the fangs agien so different from my wolf fangs yet so like the."you are my son and alpha of your pack bloodshadowmoon." i jump turning around faceing the man behind me. " who are you?" i ask geting ready to phase. "i am blackbloodmoon and your dad>" he said steping fowerd fangs showing. " you cant be my dad your a vampire and i am a werewolf." i back away ready to run." you are a half breed." i glare at him. " that means i have no right to be alpha of my pack." i drop my head sadly. " you have every right you and your brother are going to save the pack not some pure blood but the two half breeds." he lifts my chien. " are you saying your rockies dad two mom always says we are half brothers?" i question him. " no but rockie is like you his dad is a vampire as well now return home." he disappers and i run to tell rockie what happened.

Chapter Notes: he ate a kid to find out hes a vamps kid

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