Disaster Strikes

April 30, 2013
One fine day in the little town of Amery, the sun was shining, and the sky was a blue cloudless pool. The day seemed almost perfect, except for one problem. For some odd reason, the NWS put out a monsoon warning, a tornado warning, and an excessive flood warning. Puzzled by this, Mr. Kacey Fredrick decided to go exploring. He went find out why the heck the NWS put out these warnings. Even though the radar said that the sky was clear, the National Weather Service used radio waves to determine what was happening. Kacey, knowing just about everyone there is to know around the area, called up some people. He received the number of one of the guys at the NWS. So while Kacey was on the phone with the NWS, he asked, “What’re the waves showing, Joe?”
Joe replied, “I don’t know! There is so much going on! The radar says there’s nothing going on, but our radio waves show different! The rest of my team just informed me that there is in fact an earthquake risk now! Along with that, there is an extreme risk of sinkholes!”
With that knowledge, Kacey drove off and was going to start warning everybody that the storm was coming. When all of a sudden Kacey sprinted up to the first house, and heard this huge CRAAAAACKK! Just as Kacey looked up to see what it was, he was struck by a lightning bolt.
All the while Kacey was knocked out, his friend Devin was running around screaming like a little girl. Then Devin happened to stumble upon Kacey’s pale, unconscious body, charred in the forehead where he was struck. The weird part was, Kacey wasn’t dead, he was still breathing. He seemed practically unharmed, except for the little red spot in the middle of his forehead. It was the size of a quarter. As Devin was knelt over Kacey, Kcey woke up! The first statement Kacey made was, “Where in the love of heck am I?”
Devin told him, “You’re on Mr. Redford’s doorstep.”
“How in good gracious did I end up here?” asked Kacey.
“Well, quite frankly, I don’t know! I was running around screaming like a little baby because I’m scared out of my mind. I just happened to trip over your body” replied Devin
“Well aren’t you just a wealth of information,” Kacey said sarcastically. While Kacey slowly got up and took it all in, he realized that he felt different. He felt like he could lift anything. Just as Kacey was checking out his new powers, like his lasers, his invisibility, and his ability to fly, he heard a big boom, and the earth started to shake. Before he could even do anything himself, involuntarily he shot off the ground, like a bullet from a gun.
He kept going higher and higher every second. Once he was above all the tornados and rain clouds, he found out that it was alien ships controlling all of these storms. As soon as Kacey found out about that he went back down to earth and to find one of his best friends.
Kacey’s friend Jeff had informed Kacey that several people had been struck by lightning, including Jeff. Jeff showed Kacey all the people that had powers similar to Kacey. There were about 5 of them. Kacey, Jeff, Mark, Sam, and Luke had all been struck by lightning and lived. Kacey shared his powers with the rest of them and found out they had the same powers as he did. Then Kacey shared the information about the aliens and tried to come up with a solution on how to defeat them. Sam had asked what they should call themselves.
After thinking long and hard about this, Kacey, who also became group leader, decided they would call themselves, The Red Warriors. They went down to the local thrift shop and found some cool red and white costumes.
Then The Warriors went on with executing the plan. The plan was to distract the aliens from one side, and take them from the back. As they were busy trying to decide who would attack where, they earth started to shake again. Not like an earthquake no, but more like something hit it. Just then they all hear a bone chilling scream. They look to the direction of the scream and The Warriors see the aliens. The aliens were comparable to The Rock, doubled, while on steroids. Now they have an even bigger plan on their hands. The Warriors have to deal with aliens down on earth before they can take care of the ship. So as they went on to kill all of the aliens, they acquired new information that would help them defeat the aliens, but it would be difficult. The aliens had a small spot in between their armor below the head, right in the neck area. That small spot was the only way to kill these aliens, so The Red Warriors had to get their lasers right in that spot for it to be effective. It took roughly ten minutes for the group to kill one alien. About one hour later, the group was ready to attack the ship. They were just about ready to go, when all of a sudden, Mark fainted!
They took him to a local scientist, and got him diagnosed. “This is something I have never seen before! The radiation is extraordinary!” The scientist diagnosed.
“What are we going to do?” Kacey asked puzzled.
“The only thing you can do, go out and fight without me,” Mark said half-heartedly.
“But…Mark!” Luke said full of emotion.
“Just go now! Save everyone!” Mark replied stridently.
“Let’s go guys. We have a job to do,” Kacey said quietly. As the group left the scientists lab, they decided they had to defeat the aliens for Mark.
The group executed their plan to go from both sides of the ship. Once inside they regrouped and weirdly the ship was empty. The only thing in sight was a shiny silver door handle.. As they worked their way towards it, encountering numerous traps testing their strength, but getting out of with ease, they made it to the control room. Once they got inside, there was only one alien, the head alien. The head alien could, for some odd reason speak human language. The alien with force says, “What are you doing here!”
“Coming to stop you!” Luke hollered.
“I only wanted peace and to study the human way, but for some reason the bad weather always follows us, and people. People always think we are only here to take them over,” clarified the alien.
“We did not know that, we would have never killed your aliens if we had known. We will back off now, but please go back to your own planet,” Kacey stated.
“Alright, we will leave, only if you tell nobody this conference ever happened. You never saw me, or heard what I said. We will never bother your planet again,” answered the alien.
“Alright, peace E.T.,” hollered Jeff.
The Red Warriors were never heard of again after that day. Some say that the aliens took them; others say they went to Switzerland to get away. But either way, know one thing, if disaster strikes, The Red Warriors have your back.

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Kaywala said...
May 3, 2013 at 5:11 pm
well it's exciting to see a fellow classmate here. :) i really enjoy your writing kacey paul! keep it up broski.
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