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April 28, 2013
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George R.R. Martin’s A Game of Thrones: A Song of Ice and Fire is a magnificent novel that can catch the attentions of any fantasy buff. The story not only lets one dive into the fantasy land of Westeros, it also lets the reader feel the emotions and see through the characters eyes. A Game of Thrones is a classic fantistorical novel, a novel that possesses both qualities of fantasy and history. Although it is fantasy and no such place called Westeros exists, the actions, feeling, and megalomaniac characters do exist. The intentions of each house is very clear, especially when King Robert is killed and the throne is open to claim.

What I personally find interesting is the physical writing of the novel. Martin’s writing is nothing but perfect, and this is shown throughout The Game of Thrones series. He incorporated both modern english as well as old english. This really helps with the clearness and coherence of the novel. Without his modern english twist, the novel would be very difficult to read. However, if one does not know the basic words or phrases that existed back in a world where kings and swords ruled the land, the writing would be difficult for one to read. The novel amazes me more due to Martin’s sensational way of blocking out the real world and bringing the reader into the world of Westeros. Martin writes as if he had been there before, like it is a familiar place from his past, or a distant childhood memory. The smells, the color, and the people are three of many elements that Martin uses to teleport his reader from their boring real world life to his world full of war, power, and adventure. Although Westeros does not exist and kings do not reign, the story still holds various historical backgrounds. Martin’s characters reflect the personalities of those who had and do live today. For example, Joffrey Baratheon the heir to the throne of Westeros and the seven kingdoms. He is no king of chivalry and mercy, but a king who craves power and will stop at nothing to get it. In A Game of Thrones: A Song of Ice And Fire, Joffrey single handedly starts a war between all of Westeros by beheading a very powerful man. Joffrey’s reasoning for his madness was because of treason. Martins characters are not the only ones who create the mood and feeling in the story. His vivid descriptions and writings appeal to the readers senses. He always gives a color to everything he writes and makes sure to mention that color again when he writes of it again. Another aspect of Martin’s writing is his ability to link everything together. There has to be hundreds of characters within The Game of Thrones series and all their allegiances and pasts make them well known throughout the kingdom. However, as well known as the character may seem to the reader, their intentions may shift especially when opportune moments arise. The fact that he can blend all these characters together and then in a moment make them major players within a book is an amazing aspect of writing. I personally believe that the reason why this book appealed to me was because I am a nerd. It has nothing to do with my beliefs politically or socially. It is just a novel about men and power, and what they will do to gain what they truly desire. The novel does not try and make itself a life lesson, however, it does show how men truly act when face to face with power. Politically this could be the case, but in an every mans life this is just a novel. A Game of Thrones: A Song of Ice and Fire is a great story that will have one on the edge of their seat begging to read the whole series.

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