Behind the Veil

April 26, 2013
She walked along the winding dirt path and thought about things... It was a cool, crisp morning and the dew sparkled on cobwebs stretched elegantly between branches of trees and bushes. She inhaled deeply and could smell the familiar earth and pure clean air. She was so familiar with this back trail in Faerie Forest that she could walk along it with her eyes closed and not trip on a single pebble. “This is the perfect world,” she thought. “Nature is so beautiful. I want to be here forever, among the singing aspen and fragrant lilac bushes.”

Since she was, in fact, walking with her eyelids down, she accidentally walked into one of the delicate cobwebs. She didn’t mind really, only that it tickled her nose. She tried to wipe it away with her hands, but that somehow only made it cling to her more. She shook her arms, and they became entwined in the damp strings of sticky web. Becoming concerned, she opened her eyes and sucked in a breath as she saw how huge the swirling mass of web had become. It now seemed to be sucking her into it. She fought against it with her will, but it kept enveloping her. She let out one last desperate cry as she watched her precious, perfect world disappear from sight. And everything she loved and held dear, with it.

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