The Game

April 25, 2013
By Garrett Hollenback BRONZE, Jackson, TN, Tennessee
Garrett Hollenback BRONZE, Jackson, TN, Tennessee
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Tom wasn't very tall, bright, or fast, but, boy could he throw a football, with a tight spiral far down the field. And let's not forget these we're the most accurate passes I had ever seen. As he stepped back to throw the ball with three seconds left he found his friend Rob wide open, he chunked it but right when he threw it Tom knew it was bad, he had thrown it to hard. Surely enough he was right the football went right through Rob's hands. But that didn't matter the Warriors were up by forty-nine points against the Horned Frogs in the semi-finals.

After the game Tom and Rob went over to Rob's house to watch some NFL football. Their favorite team was the New England Patriots, who they both watched destroy the Tennessee Titans, 56-3.

Tom got a call from their coach later that night, he told Tom that they would be playing the Giants, Saturday at 12:00 o'clock. The Giants were a team that Tom's team, the warriors hadn't beat in over five years. They had the fastest, strongest players Tom had ever seen. And worst of all the Giants had a 200 pound line backer that was one of the best in their 13 year old YMCA league. He was fast, he could jump, and man could he sack the Quarterback, his name was Clay Mathews.

When the day came Tom and Rob got ready for their last championship that they could play in their 13 year old league. After warm-ups and the game started the Giants came out and scored on the first play. The warriors came back though and scored on a long, methodical drive. After the first half the score was still tied 7-7. After the third quarter the warriors were down 17-7. At the start of the fourth quarter Tom knew he had to bring them back, he started out by throwing a 78 yard touchdown pass to Rob to make the score 17-14. But the Giants ran the ball the whole entire drive and by the time the Warriors had got the ball there was only three minutes on the clock. Tom tried to get it down the field as fast as possible but with only nine seconds left they were on the thirty-one yard line.Tom chunked it knowing it would be the last play, Rob jumped up as high as he could but Clay stepped in front of him and intercepted it. He kneeled the ball in the end zone as the clock ran out of time.

And once Tom caught up to Rob in the end zone, he was going to say, there's always next year. But it was there last year it was all over.

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