Chasing Amber

February 28, 2013
I run through the woods, silently, swiftly. My worn leather combat boots make no noise on the pine needle strewn forest floor. Delicate rays of moonlight shine down onto the trees through the leaves above them. Ducking to avoid a low-hanging branch, I hear a soft rushing sound. As I draw nearer, it gets louder. I slow to a walk. A stream rushes quickly over smooth rocks. It bubbles and gurgles in complex swirls and clean lines. It drops off, creating a waterfall that feeds a small pond. I don't see where the rest of it leads.

An owl flies overhead. It shrieks, disturbing the gentle silence dangling over the pond. A branch snaps. I whip my head in the direction of the noise. A shadowy figure, possibly human, appears to stand up. It walks into a beam of moonlight. His face is illuminated. I shrink back into the safety of the trees. My hand shakes as I silently pull out my dagger that I found soon after I lost my necklace. I glance back at the boy. He looks to be my age, maybe a little older. Blue eyes compliment his tan skin and light brown hair. In his hands, he holds a charm of amber on a leather cord. My charm. He's the one!

Last month, the Prophet told me that a warrior with eyes of blue would bring back something I had lost long ago. The only thing I could think of, was my charm from when I was four years old.



"Wake up, Lily! Wake up!" My father's soft voice says loudly in my ear.
"Papa, what's wrong?" I open my eyes. Everything is shrouded in smoke. The only thing that I can make out is my Papa.
"Lily, you've got to get out of the house. It's burning. Run across the street to the blacksmith. He will keep you safe."
"Where's Mama? Papa, where's Mama?" I ask, rubbing my eyes.
"She's getting Jackson. Go, Lily!"
I jump out of bed. My mind races with the thought that I won't get out. I see Papa running with Jackson down one hallway. I don't see Mama.
"Papa!" I scream. "Papa! Where's Mama?" I begin to cough and I fall on the floor. My heart pound against my weakened chest as if it needed to get my life's heartbeats into these last minutes. Smoke surrounds everything. Something hot tickles my foot, and then I'm being carried. Papa has me in his arms. My small arms link behind his neck.
"It's okay, Lily. Papa's got you." Papa whispers in my ear. I realize I'm crying. A crackling sound comes from above me.
"Papa. The sky..." He looks up at the ceiling. There's a split second for him to dive out of the way of a huge wooden beam that comes crashing down. Something falls from my neck and clatters to the floor. I can see the door.
"Lily, I will get your necklace! Run!" Papa calls to me. I must have fallen out of his arms.
"But Papa!"
"Run! Go!" He gestures towards the door and turns to find my necklace.
Sobbing now, I run out of the blazing house and see Jackson across the road. I run into his arms.
"Shh... It's okay Lily..." Another loud cracking comes from the house. I let out a wail, as the house collapses on itself.
"Lily..." Jackson's voice is thick with tears and smoke. My brother holds me tight. I don't have any parents. I don't have my necklace. I don't have a home.


I jump out of the shadows and pin the boy down. My hand covers his mouth. He thrashes underneath me. I attempt to hold my ground but he throws me off.
"Who the hell do you thin-" He stops short when he sees what I look like.
"You're the one." We say at the same time. He holds out my necklace. I hold out his dagger.

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NDserpente said...
Mar. 30, 2013 at 10:35 am
I really liked this.  The emotion in your writing was exceptional, especially in the flashback.  I think the formatting got weird when you submitted it, but your writing is very good.  I loved the flashback!  More!
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