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March 22, 2013
By MADavis ELITE, Kentland, Indiana
MADavis ELITE, Kentland, Indiana
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I wake up. Something is strange. I don’t hear the workers outside nor do I see my Mom, Dad, or my little sister, Jane. Did they go to the other side of the island? I went outside and I looked everywhere. They’re gone! The only thing that is left is the island, me, and the animals. I am scared. I think of where they could have gone because, I was scared, alone, and stranded on an Island all by myself. I go out to gather some food. I will kill some baby fox and if the momma fox lunges at me I will kill her too. So I go out and I see a shark attack so I go grab my weapons, and swim gear and go out. The shark was attacking a dolphin. I always kill sharks when it is attacking something; it was my job. It was the biggest hammer head shark I ever saw. The dolphin is dead but it’s eating away at it. A few moments later the shark is dead. I hook the shark up to a rope and pull it to shore. I have a few scratches but, I’m ok. When I get to shore I set the shark on the sand. I see a washed up whale so I kill the whale. This food should last me through the winter or longer. I made a fox skin coat and a whale skin and shark skin tent that was very warm so I didn’t need a fire. It snowed that night. I stayed in my tent throughout the whole winter. I still have a lot of food left over. I go and kill 14 baby foxes and 1 momma fox and 2 daddy foxes. Since my mom left the island with none of her stuff except for the clothes on her back I wear her clothes because they fit me so I don’t need to make clothes. Since I have every thing I need I stay in my tent for another six months. Once I saw it was summer and the sun was facing the center of the earth. I just looked out and I see a hurt bear. I had to kill it so I grabbed my spear and I went to stab it but I couldn’t. For some odd reason I couldn’t. I don’t know why, but I couldn’t. So I left her as I walk back I thought was she dead. Did she have a family? Will she survive? Later that night I would soon find out…

It was the next day and I saw the bear. The bear was in my tent. Why was it in here? Then I went to turn around but I couldn’t because there was a bear cub on my shoulder. It was so cute. I thought to my self I had some new friends. I named the bears too. Their names were Sensa, Bena, Banka, and Notia.

Notia stands for mother of bear cubs, Bena stands for 1st son of Notia, Banka stands for 2nd son of Notia, and Sensia stands for only daughter of Notia. Notia is healed now and she works hard. She kills whales and she is also my friend. But Banka, Bena, and Sensa are fully grown and run free but always come back to me a few minutes before dark. As I’ve been writing this its been many years. Notia is here but barely her life is slipping away. Right now she is helping me build. As I watch her she trembles and then falls to the ground, “ NOTIA!!!!!” I yelled then the bear cubs run up to her and whine “I’ll miss her to, I’ll miss her too,” I say.
I finished rebuilding my tent. The next day my tent got tore down in a HUGE storm, a tornado took it away. After I finish it again its dark and Bena, Banka , and Sensia are not home. Did they run away? It is now morning and I go and catch some food while I’m doing this I look at Bena, Banka, and Sensia all laying down “NO!!!!!!” I scream and they’re dead all of them dead. I head back to my camp at least 500 times. I caught a few sharks, some baby fox and 2 momma foxes, 5 daddy foxes. and 2 whales I put all the food into my tent. I think to myself why didn’t I leave when I saw they were gone. I thought how long I’ve been on the island. I count 24 years so if you do some math, I’m now 40 years old I got left on the island when I was 16 but now I am preparing the island to go find my Mom, Dad and sister, I miss them a lot. I head out and look out to sea I see a ship its right there. I’m running to get my canoe. Then I got in my canoe in the middle of the ocean. The ship disappears, so I fall asleep in the canoe, just lying there sleeping. I got woken up by a rattling and shaking. I hit an island, but not my island. It looks like my island. I look up and I see my family. All of them!!! All alive, they’re not dead. They’re at a different island.
“Where were you guys?” I said
“We wanted to give you a test of wisdom and you passed.”
”Why me?”
“We wanted to test the second youngest in the family and you passed.”
“Ok well then I’m going home. Obviously you don’t care about me anymore.”
“ No you’re not,” my dad said and grabbed my arm.
Then I ran away from him, left and I never wanted to see them again. As I was going home I noticed something weird about my canoe then, “SPLASH!!!” the canoe broke and I was surrounded by sharks and it was sinking.
“HELP!!!” I screamed
“I’ll save you Kanka,” said a voice I never heard before.
“Who are you?”
“ I’m Lancer,” said that voice.
Then I didn’t even notice but my leg was missing.
“OW!!! “ I screamed
“Oooo that’s going to leave a mark, “ said Lanser.
“OW! I know OW!!!!!” “ Ok lets take you back to the island said Lanser.
“ NO TAKE ME HOME!!!!!” I screamed.
“ Ok I will come on.”
” How can I? My leg is GONE!!!!”
“Wow your leg must really hurt.”
“ NO DUR!”
“Well sorry. Just trying to help!”
“Just take me home NOW!!!”
“Ok were going. Where’s your island?” said Lanser then I noticed Lanser had a huge scrape on his leg.
“What happened?” I said.
“Um a shark,” he said while covering his leg.
“Oooo well that must have been worse than a shark biting off your leg?” I said with a sarcastic voice.
“Hey you asked so don’t yell and me because I can easily dunk you into the water and let you drown!” Then we got to my island and he helped me to my tent.
“ Ok you can go now.” I said.
“ I know I’m leaving right now bye.” said Lanser. I didn’t say bye back. Then I wrapped up my leg. I hunted by army crawling. After 50 more years of being on the island which would be 74 years here alone, I am now 90 years old. I can no longer hunt. I am also very ill. I am dieing as I sit here writing. This is the end of my life. Well, good bye. Then I passed away.

The author's comments:
THis piece is a story i wrote myself took about 2 days to write and type.

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