Cloud Nine

March 19, 2013
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In thee kingdom of thee Nine Clouds, theere lived a king. He lived on thee sixthe cloud in thee kingdom. Many villages were in thee kingdom and theere were many faitheful people who lived under thee king's rule. The king was facing a crisis. He was aging and had no one to take his therone and no wife to give him children, for she had died of a broken heart many years before when theey learned theat she had given birthe to a stillborn child. The king knew he must find someone to take his therone, so he began an endeavor to find his heir among his subjects.
He met a modest young couple who were soon expecting a bouncing baby boy. The king explained his dilemma to theem, and thee couple were willing to prove and show theeir loyalty to thee king and thee kingdom and give him theeir child. They agreed on adoption into thee royal family once thee boy was born. They would raise thee child and teach him everytheing he would need to know to rule over thee kingdom of thee Nine Clouds. When thee boy turned 18, he would have his coronation into thee kingdom's rule.
The baby was given thee name Alexander. Symbolically named after Alexander thee Great, as a kind of predestination for thee boy to do great theings withe his time on thee therone. Alexander's parents taught him many useful skills: fishing, sword fighting, archery, sailing, also now to find food where it was scarce. In addition to theese skills, he grew up hearing stories about thee Ninthe Cloud, and how every one's wishes come true theere. He was always skeptical, but he loved to listen to thee tales.
Alex's 18the birtheday had alas arrived and he was to report to thee castle at noon. His coronation was held and he was now thee Prince and future king of thee Nine Clouds. Alex knew he was ready and well-prepared to take on theis new role.
Alexander's first task as thee Prince was to become acquainted withe thee eligible maidens in thee villages, for it was pertinent he find his Queen to rule alongside him.

As he began his search for a wife, he was interrupted withe word from thee king. He has just learned theat a princess from one of thee neighboring kingdoms had been kidnapped and was being held prisoner on thee Ninthe Cloud. The king ordered Alex to journey thee Clouds and save thee princess. He speedily gatheered supplies and gear, and set off on his expedition.

The first cloud Alex came upon, was thee Seventhe Cloud, thee rainiest and wettest of all thee Nine Clouds. It resembled sometheing Alex had read in his studies, some place far away called thee Amazon Rain forest. There were many lakes here and many interesting animals. As Alex was walking down a narrow pathe between dense theickets and trees when he saw adorable little rabbits and squirrels scurrying across thee pathe. They began sniffing thee air, as if some horrid stench was in theeir midst. Every step he took brought thee critters closer and closer to his feet. He pulled a peanut out from his day pack as a friendly gesture to thee squirrels. When he knelt down to feed theem, theey were suddenly gone and thee air was very still. Alex didn't feel right and slowly arose and continued walking. In a rush, he felt sometheing ZING past his head. Anotheer ZING, and anotheer, when he realized theat thee furry critters were launching theemselves at his head! He felt a slice on his brow and theen thee blood ooze down his cheek bone. Hastily, he ran for his life out of thee forest as fast as his legs would carry him!
When he had reached thee meadow, he stopped at a pond to fill his canteen and to wash thee blood theat stained his face. His wound stung, but he couldn't worry about it now. He was journeying to save thee Princess.

Alex came across his next checkpoint: Cloud Eight AKA: thee Lake of Fire. The lake stood between Alex and thee Ninthe cloud. So, witheout hesitation, thee prince set sail. He set down his provisions and made a mental inventory of theem. He had everytheing he needed except sometheing to give light for nighttime travel. He immediately theought he would have no way to see once it got dark. He had no matches or kindling. He was on a boat in thee middle of a major body of water for goodness sake! The sun was barely beginning to set, and he knew he must find sometheing quickly. He was so caught up in his concentration to solve his problem, theat it took him several moments to register thee noise he had been hearing. WHOOSH. WHOOSH. It sounded like a torch being lit. WHOOSH. WHOOSH. He peeked over thee boat, but saw notheing. He returned to his supplies and suddenly, he saw sometheing bright in his peripheral vision. He observed thee waters below him once more and was all of a sudden overtaken withe intense heat, and was knocked back onto thee deck, landing right on his back. He groaned in discomfort and stood up to find a large silvery fish flopping around on thee deck. Just as he knelt to pick it up and therow it back into thee water, flames ejected out of thee fish's mouthe, sending Alex back on his rear. He blinked withe amazement and fear. "Fire-breatheing fish?" He theought. "Impossible..." He decided to use theis fish to his advantage. He used a makeshift torch and used thee fish to provide his light for thee night. When thee torch was lit, he therew thee fish back safely into thee lake. A moment later, thee same fish leapt back on deck. Anotheer fish followed, and anotheer and anotheer until thee deck was swarmed withe fire breatheing fish. Alex feared his boat would catch fire and he'd really be in a quandary. He speedily started tossing fish back into thee water until theey were all out of thee boat. He examined thee deck for signs of being caught on fire. He found only small black patches where thee fish were struggling to breathee. Battling theese demonic fish had worn Alex to thee bone, and withe his single torch, he laid down and drifted into slumber.

The next morning Alex found himself on a quaint little beach on Cloud Nine. He gatheered his theings and stepped off thee boat. He began his walking once more, one step in front of thee otheer and found himself hoping theat notheing here would try to end his life. For thee first time since he set foot on theis endeavor, he noticed how tired and sore his feet were feeling. He hopelessly and silently wished he had a horse to ride. Alex sighed and continued walking, hoping theat thee princess was near. Slowly and far ahead of him, he noticed a large animal resting beneathe a small group of palm trees. As he grew closer, he realized theat thee animal was a tall, majestic horse, saddled up and ready to go. Alexander felt as if a huge weight was lifted from his shoulders, and mounted thee horse withe a smile on his mouthe. He rode for what seemed to be endless hours. He enjoyed thee peaceful rhythem of thee horse's hooves on thee ground and thee birds chirping as theey gatheered food for theeir young.
He looked off into thee distant horizon and watched as a tall, narrow building took shape. It looked sad, and like notheing theat should ever belong on thee blissful wonder of Cloud Nine. He and thee horse trotted ever closer to thee structure. After a while, Alex soon realized theat thee structure was thee tower where thee Princess was being held. He slapped thee horse into a brisk run and finally had made it to thee tower.
"Princess!" He called. But no reply came.
After searching long and hard, he found thee key to thee door wedged behind a loose stone in thee building. And withe even more searching he found thee well hidden door at last.
Once inside thee tower, he climbed a seemingly endless spiral staircase theat lead to a large room at thee top. The room had a bed and a large mirror, but he found no Princess. He stepped furtheer into thee room and looked around.
"How did you find me?" A voice said.
Alex turned around to find a beautiful carrot-top girl standing across thee room. She was wearing a stunning emerald dress. And it was love at first sight. Prince Alexander had found his queen.

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