The Pratical Joke

March 18, 2013
By Anonymous

Blaine Jack was curious, and had the will but at the same time was nervous and scared. “I told you he wouldn’t do it,” said Brandon. “Yes, I guess you’re right,” assumed Beth, “I guess he is too scared, what a baby.” Blaine’s older twin siblings were so different most of time, besides when gaining up on their little baby brother. Beth and Brandon were masters at manipulating their idiot of a brother into doing things. They even had somewhat of a competition between each other to see who could get Blaine to do the latest ridiculous task they found.

Their most current challenge was to see who could get Blaine to go into this horrid abandoned house at the end of the street. This abandoned house was not just any abandoned house. It was known throughout town for its legends, myths, and eerie sounds. The most famous rumor was that it once belongs to a cat lady who has lived there her whole life, but then suddenly one day died. Her cats now and then still roam the estate seeking out the reason why their faithful owner had died mysteriously.

The Berry twins were now getting anxious, and the real fun was about to start…..
“Come on, let’s just look through the window,” insisted Beth as she inch up to the front steps of the porch, “It wouldn’t hurt just to look”.

“Nah, let’s go around to the back, there will be less weeds, and broken windows,” reasoned Brandon.

Blaine could sense something fishy going on, but could not grasp it because of his horrible nerves. “Why don’t we just go home..?”He whimpered. “Mom is probably worried you know, like what if there is an accident or something, or someone dies, or someone fell or someone needed me or something else?” Blaine blurted out.

“Okay, I’m tired of this monkey business, let’s go in through the front,” winked Beth, “all agree?”
“Sure that sounds great, “Brandon mischievously smiled. Together the children walked up to the front porch, two strutting forward with confidence, and one almost limping behind. It was twilight, and streetlights were just about to turn on.

“I really wanna go home, “pleaded Blaine. This time he was stepping his foot down, but no self-assurance would persuade his sister and brother.

“Dontcha wanna just take a peek?” “Dontcha wanna see what the fuss is about?” Blaine’s siblings tempted. They were so persistence; Blaine did not know what to do, was he to stand up and go home like he would like, or stay with his older cooler siblings? “Well, I guess if we just peak around it won’t be that bad but only for ten minutes!” sputtered out Blaine.

“Okay then, why don’t you go in the little pet door that’s open?” asked Beth as she pointed to the little flap in the brown front door, that kept blowing in from the wind.

“Why me? “Cried the little one. “Well you are the smallest…. and the bravest,” exclaimed Brandon, and “Don’t you want to be the one that said you went into this house?” Beth chimed in.

The reasons were sounding better, and Blaine did want to prove something to his siblings, rather it be strength or courage but the house! The house was terrifying; he could barely look at it, and even move toward it for that matter. But then something came over him…

If he could go into that house, he would mean something to the twins, almost be equal, almost like triplets. “Okay, I’ll….I’ll do it!” volunteered Blaine.

“You will? Well that was easy,” snorted Brandon. Beth kicked him, and gave him a scolding face. “I mean yeah, if that’s what you wanna do, “asked Brandon.

“Yup, I wanna do it, “ Blaine yelled with adrenaline. “ Okay go right on in, “tested Beth.

“Like now?” “Yeah,” Beth answered. “Okay….”

Blaine started to walk toward the house, he stepped on the front step, going on to the next he tripped, and almost fell through. “You’re okay, just walk it off, “echoed Brandon, as him and his sister started to slowly walk backwards.

“Okay…” Blain whispered. He moved toward the front door, and crouched to get into the pet door. He opened the flap a little, and started to crawl in. His eyes open wide as he gaze for the first time upon the house. There was a grand staircase, and could see the rest of rooms had furniture with drop cloths over them, it looked like a warehouse, everything was covered with cobwebs and dust. Blaine got up from his lower position, and was having an out of body experience; he was actually in the house! He was so excited he made it in; he forgot why he was there. Blaine look outside the window to wave to Brandon and Beth, but they were not there.

“Where did they go?” whimpered anxious Blaine. In a frenzy he tried to open the aging door, but must had pulled too hard as the handle came off. Then in a panic he tried to fit through the pet door he came in but kept getting stuck. The door was more flexible coming in then going out. What was he going to do, and why would Beth and Brandon do this to him?

Blaine was so perplexed, his mind racing at a thousand horrifying thoughts of what could happen to him in this mysterious house, then out of nowhere there was the tiniest meow. Blaine screamed like his head was being chopped off. He turned around to face the worst, but only to see the cutest kitty ever. It was orange tabby orange cat and inch closer to Blaine with easy precious meow. Blaine in reaction moved so ever slightly back from it. The cat started to wrap around his legs, and pressed against, but Blaine act as he was being coiled by poisonous snakes.

Blaine then realized him becoming scared of a cat, an angelic cat that yes could be potentially evil, but was so adorable. Blaine picked up the cat, and cuddled its soft velvety ears, as the tiny creature purred a sweet song. Maybe this house wasn’t so bad after all, but then Blaine thought of the culprits who got him involved with place in the first place. Blaine wasn’t going to get mad, he was going to get even, and revenge was his answer.

Blaine put the cat, trusting the domestic animal and his instincts to guide them out of there. Blaine was hesitant, but needed the exit desperately. The cat guided Blaine through the expansive house, and finally the two reached the other end of the house. The back door of the kitchen was very similar to the front door, and even had a pet flap. The cat led Blaine through the small opening, and was now in the backyard of the house. Darkness had finally they reached the nighttime sky , and there was barely any light left, they would have to ruse to get home before it was complete black, and they wouldn’t be able to see anything.

Blaine scooped up the orange fur ball, and started to make his vengeful walk home.
Meanwhile during this Brandon and Beth were having a good laugh with this. “Did you see his face when he saw we weren’t there anymore?” marveled Beth. “No, the best was his pitchy scream” Brandon smiled at the memory.

“I wonder if he will even make it out alive,” wondered the siblings together. “We’ll see,” they both thought.

Blaine was walking toward his house with purpose with Toby in his hand, what he had the name the cat. He had to think of something before he got home to out show Brandon, and Beth. But what? He then knew what.

Blaine was now approaching his house; he silently crept around to the back and peered into the window. He lurked through one of the windows and saw Beth and Brandon doing homework. Perfect timing.

He opens the back door just an inch, and pushed Toby in. The cat was surprisingly very quiet, but went to action right away.

“AH!,” Brandon and Beth screamed.
“Where did this come from?” freaked Beth.
“I don’t know, but I’m getting worried, Blaine still is not home yet , and then there’s cat popping up everywhere.”, yelled Brandon.

Then Blaine waited for the perfect silent moment, and then popped out from the door, and screamed for his life, his siblings rightfully screamed back.

Then Blaine laughed and laughs, for the first time he had done something equally to them, as they had done for him. Then they fighted.

“How could you do something so scary like that to us?” gasped Beth.

“You did the same exact thing to me,” accused Blaine, “But worst, you left me in a house fearing for my life, and I sent in a wonderful little kitty!”

“Maybe the guilt was getting to you, “wondered Blaine.
“Yeah maybe it was, “realized Brandon, “but that was pretty awesome for you to do, don’t you think Beth?”

“I guess, “said Beth.
In the end the Berry children learned how to be equal, and how to play a nice joke. They were now finally triplets.

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