The Reservoir

March 16, 2013
By , Wilmington, MA
About one mile away from Tyler’s summer home in Boston there is the town park. Not only is it a town park, but there is also a reservoir there too. The reservoir was the cities drinking water supply. When Tyler was about five years old, he met his best friend Phil at this very park. Tyler and Phil have had many different friendships over the years, but they are always there for each other. Of all the problems and fights they have had, they have been able to solve them. Well except for this last fight they had.

This last fight that Tyler and Phil had was larger than all the other ones they have had. One day at the park, Tyler went up to Phil and said “Phil, follow me”. That is all he said to him. Phil just naturally followed his best friend because he could trust him no matter what. When Tyler and Phil finally got to their destination Phil then realized they were now at the reservoir. Phil always liked to take walks by the reservoir but whenever he was with Tyler, he knew that there would be trouble. Tyler always likes to take risks and this one went a little too far. Tyler wanted to go swimming in the reservoir with Phil even though they both knew that it is against the law to do so.

Phil knew he had a challenge ahead of him to try to persuade Tyler on not going swimming. The two boys did not know how deep it was, or what was in it. Anyway, Tyler started undressing down to his underwear when Phil said “Tyler! I won’t allow you to do this. It could be very dangerous.” Tyler just completely ignored what his best friend Phil said to him. Phil knew that there was no stopping Tyler so Phil just said “Fine! You go swimming and I’ll just go home.” Tyler took this as Phil actually being scared to do something, so he started calling him names such as Wimp, Loser, and Weenie. Phil was a little upset because of the name calling, but the names did not hurt him. Tyler went swimming by himself and nothing bad happened to him.

It was later that week when Tyler started to hurt Phil. Not physically, but verbally and emotionally. Phil was starting to question him and Tyler’s friendship because Phil believed that your best friend should always be there for you and never spread rumors about you. That is exactly what Tyler did; he spread nasty rumors about Phil. One of the rumors was that when he asked Phil to go swimming, Phil wet himself. That rumor hurt Phil the most.

Phil knew he had to approach Tyler and stop these nasty rumors soon before it really got out of hand. Phil finally went up to the person he thought was his best friend and said “Why are you doing this to me? I thought we were friends!” Tyler responded by saying “You started this entire thing by not going swimming.” Both Phil and Tyler were completely silent for the next few minutes and then they realized that what they had started was foolish. Their friendship was nearly over just because of some silly fight about swimming.

In the end, both of the boys made up and realized that they were both stupid for how they acted. They made a promised to each other that whenever there is a problem between them, they will talk about it first rather than starting a big thing that can hurt someone physically, mentally, or emotionally. The good thing is that Phil and Tyler went back to being best friends again. There are always going to be fights between friends but they do not have to get this extreme.

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