Self Control

March 15, 2013
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“I swear I just lost it, I couldn’t control myself any longer.” I said to the police officer that stood in front of me.

“Tell me what happened, Garrett, tell me why you hurt him.” I thought back to the day that I snapped on the one thing that kept coming back into my life and causing me stress.

It had been a normal, boring day at school and I was walking towards where I usually meet my girlfriend and walk with her to the next class she takes. Literally each and every day at school the one person I truly cannot stand to even look at, walks with my girlfriend every chance he gets. I will never understand why he will not stop doing this. I have done everything in my power to scare him and make him feel unwelcome to be anywhere near my girlfriend and I. Instead of handling this poorly, I bit my tongue and let him off the hook, again.

My girlfriend and I proceeded to walk to her next class together. As we walked something seemed different. She did not smile, did not laugh and did not make any eye contact with me whatsoever. Shortly after realizing this we arrived to her class.

“Bye, have fun!” I said in a useless attempt to cheer her up.

“Bye.” She said emotionlessly and condescending. I was completely baffled, what had I done that could cause this? I walked through the halls to the gym and at the same time texted her asking if everything was alright. Within seconds I received a text from my girlfriend requesting to talk after her class.

As I was working out in the gym I received another text, this time from my brother. The text explained everything. Suddenly everything became clear.

“Hey man that kid you hate is making up stuff to everyone, he is telling people you cheated on her.” My hands shook as thoughts raced through my head. The same person I had let walk all over me earlier that day got into my girlfriend’s head. He made her believe I would actually cheat on her. I wanted revenge, and he had to pay.

I set down the weights in the gym and walked straight out through the door. I stormed through the halls looking for the only person I wanted to find. My hands clenched tighter and tighter and my breathing grew quicker and quicker. But I wouldn’t search any longer, for I had found exactly what I was looking for.

My enemy had turned a corner and entered the same hall as me. He walked towards me, trembling. My heart went cold as my adrenaline hit with more force than I could have ever expected. Thoughts went through my head quicker than I could even realize what they were. The person who would do anything to cause me stress and problems stood in front of me. I couldn’t… no I wouldn’t hold myself back any longer.

What happened next is a complete blur in my memory. Judging from the amount of blood that had to be cleaned up I guess I did more damage than I had expected.

“Well, that would explain just about everything I suppose.” The police officer stated after hearing my side of the story.

“What will my consequence be, officer?” I hoped nothing horribly extreme would happen to me, but the odds did not look in my favor.

“You will be placed in the Juvenile Justice Center until you reach age 18, then we will decide what to do with you.” My heart sank, but I knew I had made this decision. Perhaps someday I would be released early, only time would tell.

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