February 27, 2013
Bang after bang. She was screaming and cursing on top of her lungs. Things were flying everywhere, and it was complete chaos. Her clothes were misplaced across the room, and there were wholes in the wall along with various other odd problems. She wouldn’t speak one word, as silent as a quiet night, she was. It was as if you were talking to a wall, or something that would never convey a message back to you. She sprinted through the door slamming it just enough to cause the porch swing to fall off its hinge. Pounding and stomping her feet against the floorboards, she fled down the stairs. She rushed to fling open her car door, forced it into drive quickly and floored the car away from the house. She took off like crazy, leaving nothing but a thick, enormous cloud of dust. Her parents were questioning why such a drastic tantrum was just made. They dialed her numerous times but kept receiving the faint tone of her voicemail. All that was left was the remaining mess.

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