There are 2 CIA agents. They are to do some research on an unknown, seemingly out of this world animal. Today they were going to observe what its habits are. One of the agents was a scaredy cat and was totally freaked out about going and seeing the monster.

"What if it bites our heads off!" he said.

The other one said, "Don't be an idiot, it’s in a cage!" They walked in and stared in shock, the monster was gone! What would they do? What would they tell the chief? This monster isn't supposed to be seen by the public. It could cause a national incident! This other worldly creature had to be captured soon.

So the agents split up. The first agent when left, the other right. They ran around the whole building asking whether they had seen a 20ft tall green creature. They all figured out what had happened...the monster was loose. It was the latest hijinks from the office idiots. As gossip usually does, the news spread like wildfire.

When the two agents met back up again they both said they had no luck. Then suddenly they heard the chief's voice over the PA. "DAN AND SAM GET IN MY OFFICE NOW!" Dan and Sam were the agents on the monster project.

"Uh-oh looks like he found Mr. Monster."

They ran to the chief’s office. They reached his office just in time to see the headline on the morning news.

"A monster has been unleashed and it is terrorizing city near Center Middle School, it is being evacuated."

You could see the students jumping for joy that school was being shut down and thanking the monster. The chief just stared at the agents and said, "Fix-it!"

They left the building looking discouraged.

"Looks like we are gonna be fired," said Dan.

"Maybe not!" said Sam, "I have a plan!" He explained that maybe if we lured the monster to city hall we can set up its cage there. So they took apart the cage and set it up in front of city hall. Then they strung rope close to the ground near the cage. Now the big problem...getting the monster to come. But they had a plan. Timeto put it in action. So Sam went to HalloweenCity, the best store in town for Halloween costumes and picked up a giant female Godzilla costume they had ordered a couple of hours ago. Sam put it on and headed to Center, where the monster still was. As soon as the monster saw it he thought he had fallen in love.

"Perfect!" thought Sam. So the monster followed it all the way to city hall and as the rope neared Sam and the costume moved aside. The monster wasn't paying attention, tripped over the string, did a somersault and flew into the cage.

Dan, who had been waiting, quickly closed it and sent it back to the CIA building in a U-haul he rented while Sam was gone. They were quite proud. Problem solved! The chief would be impressed. All was well again...except....what would they tell the reporters running their way!

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