The Diary of a Lost Shoe

February 2, 2013
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I open my eyes, for the very first time, I guess. I don’t even know where I’m right now, and really confused. There are machines, basically everywhere! Everything’s covered with metals, and something that I’m on right now is moving…So automatically, I’m moving as well.

I’ve a feeling that I’m somewhat connected with someone who looks just like me. She is exactly on my left…“Hi! You look just like me! What are we?” I ask that girl beside me. “Of course we look alike! We are twins! And we are a pair of shoes! You know what shoes are right? Of course you do.” Answers that girl, she seems nice. “How do you know all of this? Shoes? Oh that’s how we call ourselves? Humans wear shoes right?” I ask that girl. “Before you woke up, two friends of mine just told me, they are sneakers! Yes humans wear us! As you can see, I woke up earlier than you! And for your information, we are a pair of girl party shoes!” Answers that girl cheerfully. “So you mean, we are sisters right? Wow, this is just unbelievable! Oh yeah, and where are your friends? The sneakers?” I ask, curiously. “Oh I don’t know where they went, we got separated! I guess we are going to a different shop as they are…That’s too bad...They were really nice to me….” She answers, sadly. “Oww, cheer up!! I bet we are going to meet them again…someday…” I answer, not really convincingly.
After that my sister and I, and a bunch of other shoes that look just like us, but in different size, get displayed in a store called “Me and Me” The store looks very cheerful, with every shade of pink paint covering the wall. One by one, girls come and go, but still my sister and I are still being displayed….It really is sad, because no one wants to buy us…yet. “Hey sis, look at that girl! She keeps looking at us!” says my sister, happily. “Really??? Wow I am so happy! Finally!! Now we are going to live in a new house!” After that, the sales girl takes me and put me on the girl’s right foot. “Wow this is the perfect size! I’m going to buy this! Can you please give me the left shoe?” says the girl. “Sure!” answers the sales girl. And then, the girl purchases us, and takes us home. Today is a very lucky day, since the girl, who bought us, Nally, is nice and her feet are super clean! Right now, Nally is on the phone with her friend. “Hey, Lee, I already bought a pair of shoes for the dance party next Friday. Have you? I know!! I hope he’s going to ask me to dance! What? Really? There is going to be a time when we have to dance barefoot? Awesome!! I know! We’ll go to the saloon first yeah? Okay. Enjoy your dinner! Bye!! See you tomorrow!”. “Sis did you hear that? Nally is going to wear us in dance party next week! Aren’t you excited?? There might be many boy shoes there!” My sister asks me. Well, to tell the truth I don’t really think about love right now.
The day of the dance finally comes, and right now my sister and I are jumping since Nally’s dancing like crazy right now. Well, she’s a teenager, it’s normal for her, I guess, being wild… Suddenly someone shouts. “Hey guys!! Having fun so far? Now it’s the time to go barefoot dancing! Now go, go all of you take of your fancy shoes off and put them in the corner and dance!” And then, Nally throws my sister and I toward the corner….At first my sister and I are next to each other until…People are kicking me around…And then it is a blackout.
I think I fainted. Here I’m, just opened my eyes, and have no idea whatsoever, what’s just happened. I look around….everything is green. It seems like I’m at some kind of garden, or park, since all I can see are trees, and a bench. No one is around, and it’s so dark here, only moonlight can help me see through the dark. Well I guess, I’m lost! Oh no!! I’m scared right now!! Where is my sister? Oh no…I feel so lonely…Until I hear a rustling sound…And then a man comes out from the bushes, and picks me up…
Day 2
I was only being Nally’s shoe for a week, and now my life has completely changed. I keep getting moved from one place to another. I have moved three times now, and it seems like no one wants me anymore. The man who picked me up, threw me away… Here I am, standing on the middle of the road, feeling hopeless. I’ve been here for 2 days now, and although cars and motorcycles keep stepping on me, I’m still at the same place.
Day 3
It is raining, and it is flooding. I’m being carried by the flow of the water. I know I am not going to meet my sister and Nally again. I know I can’t because I realize that my condition is very bad, and Nally won’t accept me anymore. I’m practically swimming right now, swimming toward…Swimming toward nowhere.
Day 6
After the flood, I got carried to a better place than before. The place where I’m right now is still filthy, but I guess it is way better than in a middle of the road where vehicles keep running over you. I’m on a sideway right now, where children are running around, looking so happy and free. I’m envy. I want to feel that happy, but I just can’t. I’m dirty, and I have no one at all. I don’t know where my sister is, and where Nally is. I feel empty. There is nothing left to wait for, it’s completely useless. I guess I just have to wait for the end to come.
Day 10
I stayed on the sidewalk for 4 days until a dog picked me up and put me somewhere new. It is a graveyard. Is it a sign or what?
Day 21
It has been 11 days since I moved from the sidewalk to here…All thanks to the dog. I am just a shoe. I am just a lost shoe who got kicked by people, but they didn’t realize it, because they don’t think of me as an important thing. I’m just an object for them. I have experienced being an object that people around me don’t care for the past 21 days. I am dirty and torn, so no one wants me.
One thing I’ve got to tell you, people. No one knows when you’re going to die, or bad luck is going to come. Not a single person in this world knows. I should have been doing the right things when I was still Nally’s shoe. I should’ve told my sister that I love her. But now, everything is just too late. Why should I live when, I guess, Nally’s house is miles away? I am nowhere, and I know Nally has bought a new pair of shoes. I have no idea what happened to my sister, since she can’t be used when I am not there, since we are a pair after all. I should have done better before this entire thing happened.
I guess I just have to close my eyes, and let the time passes, and let fate take me to wherever I should be. I won’t open my eyes anymore, because there is nothing left that is worth to see.
My life has ended, yet I am still alive.
I have nothing worth living for, since I am just a shoe.
And no one needs a shoe without its pair.

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