Cecelia,with Orium and his dog.

February 4, 2013
They say, “Things happen for a reason and behind it lay the truth.” As Cecelia would say, “I believe that you must always fight for what is right in life,” She was a woman who had lost her husband. He died after being sick and left his wife Cecelia with their only son Orium. He was a sweet, kind, handsome young man. His best friend was his dog because in the small town most of the other children were farming with their parents, so Orium who have no one to play with except his dog. His mother loved the boy and his dog.
Cecelia was a very hard working woman, she worked day and night. There was nothing she wanted more than to raise her five year old son to become the man that his father would have wanted. Her husband was loved by everyone in their small town. He was a farmer but he was a good enough farmer, that he made enough money to sustain their family without her working. Their family was the perfect family because they had it all, the money, the big house, their farm, and two cows.
One day the boy went to play with his dog, and the dog ran into one of the many caves around their small town. He entered the cave looking for his dog when suddenly an old witch appeared out of nowhere. She looked awful, not only was she harsh to look at, but the way she smelled would burn anybody’s eyes. The witch was blond and a tall woman, but weakened by age. Her clothes were dirty and she had nasty long twisted and broken toe nails that made it hard to walk, so she would poof everywhere. With her skin all wrinkled and her bone finger ready to pick the flesh off you, she would not miss.
Most people say that she was once a normal person until some life changing event happened, but all he wanted was to get away from her. He tries to run, but he tripped on a bone and fell on his face. He got up but it was too late, the spell that the witch had casted melted his flesh of his body, and all that weren’t melted were him where his bones, which fell on the floor.

The old witch greedily licked the bloody, mushy stuff that was left of the boy. She was a blind, old witch, so when she hears movement she will melt whatever and whoever it is for dinner. The boy’s eyes and nose had fallen off and she ate it all. Her face was covered in blood and her teeth were as sharp as a lion’s. She licked her hands clean and went back into her cave. The dog that went to a different cave was barking and went back home to the mother.

After the witch had Orium as her meal, she went out and was trying to get some birds for a snack. The mom went looking for her son in the meanwhile and found the remains of what looked like his skin and bones on the floor. She yelled “a nego en,” She picked up what was left of her adorable son and began to climb up a very tall mountain, trying to find a way to undo what that witch did.
She climbed the tall mountain and found the old healer’s house. The house was big, brown and white, it had everything. The healer never came down from this mountain. The healer asked her for the items needed for to bring him back. She nodded her head and handed the boy’s bones to him. He gave her a room while she waited.

The healer put the bones in an old paein, then pounded it and mixed it with meat and cooked it for three days. For those three days the bones were being cooked in his magical oven. While she waited the mother enjoyed games and tea with the healer. On the third day the old man called the mother to the main room of the house, and to the mother’s surprise, she got a new son who was more beautiful, smarter, and kinder than the first one.

The mother and her son climbed down the mountain and there, at the bottom of the mountain, was the witch. She was looking for a snack, yelling at shadows of birds that flew over her. The mother and her son finally made it to the bottom when they heard, “Oh, Orium and Cecelia you’re back.”
“ And what do you what witch?”
” I want your boy, give me Orium and I will let you go.”
“No! I’m not losing another son to your hands, you can forget it.”
“Then you can die with him you pathetic lakombot! “
She pulled out her wand and swung it at Cecelia. The boy ran around the witch and called the dog that knew for some reason they would be there. The witch missed, then the mother ran at her and kicked her in the stomach, she fell to the ground.
The witch reached out with her wand. Right before she could point it, the dog swooped it right out of her hands! She screamed so loud that the rocks rolled down the mountain and one smashed her. Boom! She was a dead witch.
Orium, his mother Cecelia, and the dog walked off into the sunset. At that moment they knew they were a family again.

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