January 18, 2013
The smell of the air is full of the scent of cocoa tanning butter it is making me sick. Like the scent of melted chocolate or well salivated m&m’s. My nostrils are trying so hard to keep this rich odor out of thought. So as I enter through an enormous zipper pocket I hold my breath and clamp my nose.

The heat is too unbearable. It must be over 110 degrees. It is also pretty dark. I continue to travel in this vast area, I keep feeling a rocking motion. This is making things very uneasy while walking, and on top of that I can still smell that horrible odor. I start thinking to myself, “I’m lost, forever…”

I begin having chills after that thought through my body. As I venture through the dark land I managed to stumble upon, something with teeth? But these teeth had no mouth to fill though. In fact they were the teeth of a comb. “An oversized comb?” I question. “Where am I?” I repeatedly ask myself. I can feel my legs growing weaker and my eyes heavier.

I sat up with a jolt. I didn’t realize that I fell asleep. It’s strange to think that I could actually fall asleep in a place I didn’t even know. “I guess I should keep moving on” I spoke to myself as if someone were there. The thought of sleeping in this place gave me the chills. Moving forward was the only thing I can keep doing. I ran into giant pieces of metal that were blocking my path.

I start to climb to the top of these mysterious metal circles. There were faces and words engraved into them. “This cant be possible.” I reminded myself pulling at my hair. These giant metal circles were actually quarters, nickels, and dimes.

As reality started to fly out the door so did my sanity, hope, and my own life. Hunger is what was really getting at me I have to find something to eat. I stopped walking for a few minutes, due to lack of light. This makes things impossible to navigate. I knew something had to be there to eat. I can smell it. It was salty like the ocean. I stumble across the object. It’s a sweaty head band. This wasn’t food… I thought a sweaty head band was food… Even as desperate as I am I wasn’t going to extract that sweat for drinking water.

I’m on day four in this hell. I figure this because this is the third time I woke up here. Just as I had that thought, a gigantic rumble noise was coming from above. I felt light kiss my face. The hole above me was getting larger like a mouth slowly opening. I make my great escape for it. As I reach the hole I peer out of it. It was hard to see since my eyes were not yet dilated.

When my vision came through to me, that’s when everything made sense… I was in an old lady’s silk bag. This explained all the horrendous smells.

I made a jump for it to the ground. When I slammed the hard floor there was a flash. I woke up and found myself in bed. “Man that’s the last time I eat junk food before I go to sleep” I thought to myself.

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