The Life Saving Dog

January 18, 2013
By , Reno, NV
The Life Saving Dog
As a kid Billy always loved dogs. He would see them in the streets, on TV, in books and would always get super excited. He was about 9 years old when he asked his parents for a dog. They didn’t think it was a good idea to buy Billy a dog, simply because he was only 9 and they thought Billy wouldn’t be responsible enough to feed it, bath it, and take good care of it. They quickly replied with a “NO”! Billy was devastated when his parents told him he couldn’t have a dog. He kept on bragging and bragging to his parents that he wanted a dog, but they would always give him the same answer, a big fat “NO”!

From so much asking Billy annoyed his parents. Finally his parents agreed to buy him a dog. Not just any dog though but a pit bull. It was the best decision they could have ever done in their life. Two weeks later Billy’s parents took Billy to choose his dog. From so much choices Billy had he fell in love with a white two month old red nose pit-bull all white with sky blue eyes. The dog also fell in love with Billy since he ran to Billy as soon as he walked through the door. Billy ended up taking his new dog home the same day and he decided to name the dog Viper.

A year after having Viper in the family it was Billy’s parents 15 anniversary and they decided to go out to dinner at an expensive restaurant. Billy and Viper were both good so Billy’s parents decided that Billy was old enough to stay home alone. After giving Billy a couple instructions for emergencies Billy’s parents left to begin there night in total confidence.

The night was going just fine until around 11 when a weird noise awoke Billy. When Billy opened his eyes he saw a large man standing in front of him with a gun pointed at him and the man shouted “don’t say a word!” Billy in tears was in shock. He tried to run to the phone to dial 911 just like his parents told him to do in case of an emergency but he was too frightened to move. The large man proceeded to rob everything he could but he never kept his aim off Billy.

When the robber took the last of valuable stuff he had found he told Billy he was a witness and had to die. When Billy heard this he yelled in horror which awoke Viper. When the large man took aim at Billy and begun to squeeze the trigger Viper launched at him with full force and bit his arm. When he bit his arm the man shot but the bullet went towards the ceiling. The neighbors were alarmed and called the police. The dog and the large man wrestled and fought when a gunshot went off again. The dog and man fought for about 10 minutes before the cops arrived. When the cops arrived they handcuffed the man and took him to jail. Unfortunately the dog was shot during the exhausting fight against the gun man. Although they tried to take Viper to the vet he had lost too much blood and died during his trip to the vet.

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