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January 18, 2013
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The Great War of Valhalla
I appeared next to a weird looking building it looked futuristic. I heard a voice saying “Finally you have arrived” “Where am!?.” I said “You are in Valhalla”. “To think that this place actually exists I thought it was just a myth”. “In Valhalla you need time artifacts to come here.” The woman said “Here take my weapon and attack when the time gate opens.” “Okay” Then there was a ripple in the sky they started appearing out of the gate and they rushed towards me and that mysterious woman. I raised my weapon, I said “The great war of Valhalla actually existed after all.”, and I lounged toward them.

The Wound
As the war rages on I can’t stop thinking to myself what will happen to me during this war. I had many wounds. “Don’t let your guard down!.” she said. “Okay.What’s your name anyway?” I asked her while we were fighting machines. I turned around for a second “What’s your name”. I asked “It’s Lightning”. “Okay” I said. I turned back around and my eyes widened I saw blood, a blade piercing right through my stomach. I fell to my knees and everything went silent my heart beat is slowing down “GET UP…GET UP!!!!!” she cried out. It started raining and I fell back and slowly closed my eyes.

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