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January 17, 2013
“Hello Christopher, you’re just in time, the meeting is about to start.” Those were the words I was greeted with as I walked into the large room. There was no furniture in the room only about fifteen of those metal folding chairs that ruin your back if you sit in them to long. I took a seat in one of the chairs and waited while I look at the floor.

“As I was saying the meeting is now starting, now you know why you are here? Because of you have a problem and everyone here, including me, is going to help you get through it.” Owl paused and looked at me.

“Christopher, would you like to start by telling us about your first cocaine experience?” Owl said while looking straight at me.

“Dang it,” I almost said out loud. I hate talking about my problems, but I just sighed and began talking out loud so that everyone could hear me.

“Hey everyone you all know my name and you all know about my cocaine addiction.”

“Hi Christopher,” we’re all glad that you are finally starting to open up to us about your problems,” said Piglet.

“Well it all started when my friend from school came over to my house one day. He wasn’t much older than me, he was about seventeen. Anyway, we began walking upstairs towards my room, but when we got half way up the stairs my friend asked me if my parents were home. I said no, they were out of town and wouldn’t be back till next week some time. I asked why he asked, and Stan, that was his name, glanced at his jacket pocket then looked up at me and said strangely,” Cause I got something that we have to try.”

I was kind of confused as you can imagine, and when we got up to my room he took something out of his jacket pocket, I could tell it was cocaine. I yelled,” Dude were did u get that!” Stan whispered,” calm down bro, I got it from that one Spanish chick at school, remember her? I think her name was Dora or something like that, she guaranteed me that this was the best out of all that she had. So you want to try some?” I stared at Stan and shrugged. “I don’t know man, what’ll happen if I do?” I asked him.

“Well most likely you’ll pass out or maybe start hallucinating or dreaming for a while, it’ll be awesome.” Stan told me with a huge grin on his face.

“All right let’s do it,” I said.

“Okay Christopher I’m going to stop you there and ask you a question,” Owl interrupted.

“So did you feel as if you were forced into doing cocaine with Stan?” Owl asked.

“Well, no I didn’t feel forced to, I kind of wanted to try it,” I answered him.

“Mhmm, well then please continue.”

“Alright, well five minutes after we tried the cocaine, I could finally start feeling the effects. Everything got kind of blurry and the room started to spin, clockwise I think. The last thing that I remember is my friend passing out on my floor and soon after that I passed out.

Anyway when I woke up, I’m not sure if I was actually awake, or just dreaming, but I found myself in this weird forest or something like that.”

Owl interrupted me again,” so Christopher why this forest? I mean there are many places that you could have hallucinated about, why did you choose our one hundred acre woods?”

“Well when I was young my dad and I would walk through the woods and just look around.” I answered sort of half heartedly.

“Alright then please continue,” he said.

“Ok, so I started walking around, I felt kind of dizzy, but I still wanted to look around. I sort of sauntered around for about twenty minutes when I saw something that caught my eye. It was a giant tree, but it wasn’t the tree that amazed me it was the little wooden door that had been installed into the tree.”

When I said that, everyone at the meeting looked at me. And Owl kept giving me this weird look of disbelief; he still seemed kind of interested I think. I paused for a while, and then continued with my story.

“I cautiously took hold of the metal door handle, I wasn’t sure if it was a hallucination because I could feel the coldness of the door handle. The thought of knocking never entered my mind; I just wanted to know what was on the other side of this door. Slowly I started to pull on the door handle, fortunately the door didn’t creak or anything. I strained my eyes because the room was poorly lit. I peered around, not stepping inside yet. And all I could really see was a lit candle on a very small fire place with a very small chair in the front of the fire place.

I was overpowered by curiosity and I stepped in the room or house whatever this place was. And almost immediately after taking that first step from the door way I tripped over something and fell face first onto the hard wood floor. I looked at what I had tripped over, but it was so dark I couldn’t see anything, but I could smell a definite odor of honey. Then something in front of the fire place moved, it was the small chair in front of the fire place. Something got out of the chair and walked over to me. From where I was laying this thing looked like an animal of some kind, but I was in for a surprise.

“Oh hello, you seemed to have tripped over my honey,” the thing laughed.

“My name is Pooh Bear, are you alright?”

I paused my story telling and looked over at Pooh, he had a look of confusion on his face. I could tell he couldn’t remember this day, probably because I hallucinated it all. I can’t explain why I hallucinated about that, but I guess it will never make any sense. My eyes trailed off and I started telling my story from where I left off.

“I was stunned, as you can imagine. I was looking up at this orange bear who had just asked me if I was ok. My mind and heart were racing as I stood up, never taking my eyes off this creature. Pooh Bear was about four feet tall, he had pleasant brown eyes, a small black noise and he was wearing a small red t-shirt.

“Um ya I’m ok,” I stuttered, still not believing that I was taking to an orange bear.

“Well I’m glad to hear that, so who are you?”Pooh Bear inquired.

“Um my name is Christopher Robin, where am I?” I asked.

“You don’t know? Well this is the one hundred acre woods, and this is my home.”

I peered around the room, my eyes had finally adjusted to the low level of lighting and I could see much more than before. The room was circular, a small table and cupboard were to the left of the fire place and there was a small jar of honey sitting on the table and there were even larger jars of honey in the cupboard. On the other side of the room, to the right of the fire place was a small bed and night stand.

“Would you like to take a walk outside?” it’s a beautiful day and you look a tab bit sick, the open air may make you feel better,” Pooh Bear said.

“Yes, I think that would be a good idea,” I said in response. Pooh Bear stepped towards the door and motions to me to go outside. When I step outside I look behind me and see that Pooh closes the door to the house. The weather outside was kind of windy and chilly. There was a path that was well packed and leading into the forest. Pooh Bear started skipping and I just walked along side of him, we followed the path into the woods and then Pooh Bear started talking to me.

“It’s a little windy out isn’t it? It must be Windsday,” Pooh Bear said.

I agreed and began looking around the woods. The trees were really spaced out from one another and crisp brown leaves were all over the ground, it must be fall in this one hundred acre woods.

“Where are we going?” I inquired.

“To Piglet’s house, he’s one of my best friends and I want you to meet him.” Pooh Bear said with a look of excitement on his face.

“Well where does Piglet live?” I asked.

“Oh not too far away, we just have to follow this path and we will be there shortly.” Pooh Bear said. So we kept walking and walking and when finally I could see the path in the distance ending at another tree that looked about as big as Pooh Bear’s tree. When we got to the end of the path Pooh Bear skipped over to the even smaller door and gave it a little tap with his paw. Moments after the door opened and a small pink thing stood in the doorway. Piglet’s voice was very calm and polite when he greeted me.

“Hello there Christopher, Pooh just told me that you are new around here, would you like to stroll around and explore the woods with Pooh and I?”

“Yes that would be fun,” I said with a hint of excitement in my voice.

Then the three of us followed another path that led who knows were. We walked in silence for a while then Pooh Bear and Piglet started discussing the weather and how their day was going. I kind of feel behind the group, I wanted to explore the wood, this was my first mistake. I strayed farther than I should have and found myself walking out of the woods and into a lush green meadow.

The meadow was huge, but in the middle was a hill with a small tree. There was something lying beneath the tree, it was grey that was all I could see it was too far away. And to my surprise I saw the same path that I was walking on, it was far away and was leading to the hill from what I could tell. I was even more shocked when I saw Pooh Bear and Piglet walking on the path far in the distance. I was done exploring so I decided to run over to the path.

I ran for what felt like a mile when all the sudden the ground gave way beneath my feet, everything went dark as I feel into a deep abyss. I feel for what seemed to be a life time when my back felt a sharp pain as I made contact with the hard ground of the pit. Dust filled the air and I opened my eyes to total darkness, aside from the hole that I feel through which was now shining light into the this pit.

My head was on fire with pain, and my body was bruised from my fall.

“Help!” I screamed hoping that Pooh Bear and Piglet would hear me. Maybe they had seen me disappear in the ground and are coming to help?

Again my story was interrupted by someone that began talking.

“So Christopher, this story you are telling us about falling into a pit and everything was a hallucination right, because I don’t remember any of this.”

“Yes Tigger, waking up in the woods was the start of my hallucination.” I wanted to finish my story so I began talking again.

“So to make a long story short all of you guys helped me out of the pit by throwing me a rope and pulling me out. And shortly after that my hallucination ends.”

“Well Christopher, do you feel a little better having told me about your problems?” Owl asked.

“Ya I kind of do,” I answered.

“Well in that case this meeting is now over,” Owl said

“Okay so let me try and understand all of this, you hallucinated about being at a meeting with fictional characters while talking to them about a specific hallucination?”The doctor asked.

I sat up in the couch I was lying in and said,” Yes doctor, I don’t know why either? That’s why I came to you; I was told you were the best psychiatrist around.”

“Well you said something about a pit if I recall correctly, I think the pit symbolizes your addiction, it closes around you and makes you lose all hope, but with every pit there is an opening, a place where someone can pull you out of. Anyone can help you get out of your pit, your parents, friends, and me, and eventually your cocaine additions, your pit, will stop and your life can return to normal.

I got up, thanked the doctor for his help and that I would be in next week for another check up. I stepped out of his office and contemplated what he said.

“It will just take time and effort,” I said to myself.

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