Tragedy Unfolds

January 23, 2013
Tragedy Unfolds

(Scene set in a little town in Maine. Girl named Kayla goes missing; her best friends are on the hunt to find her)
(Blaire, Aria, and Emma are sitting in Blaire’s room)
Aria: How much more footage are we going to go through guys? Seriously it’s almost midnight and I have to be up early tomorrow.
(Collapsing on bed letting out a deep breath)
Blaire: Aria, hush. Do you want to find Kay or not? What’s more important to you?
Aria: Finding Kay of course.
Emma: GUYS! Stop it. All this fighting isn’t going to help. Do you think she would want us to be fighting? No she would want us to be trying our damndest to find her. Suck it up.
Aria & Blaire: Okay sorry…
(Blaire turns to computer screen. Eyes widen)
Blaire: My god you guys…look at this...
(All three stare intently at the computer screen, watching a video of someone in a mask taking Kayla)
(Emma interjects, screaming at Blaire but unable to take her eyes away from the screen)
Emma: Where the HELL did you find this Blaire?
Blaire: This is the footage outside her know from those security cameras?
Aria: Wait, what security cameras?
(Aria looks puzzled)
Blaire: The ones her dad put in last summer, after people had constantly been making attacks on their house at night and after that one night when Mr. Shields thought someone was trying to break in.
Aria: Oh yeah…now I remember...well does he know you have the footage from outside his house?
(Blaire looks at Aria with a snide look)
Blaire: Aria, of course he does. I asked if I could help piece through it. I didn’t just take it from their security room.
(Emma can’t believe what she is seeing on the screen, looks in disgust, gets off the bed, and goes on a rant, begins to pace)
Emma: How could someone do this to her? I just don’t get it. What did she ever do to anyone? Nothing. That’s your answer. She did nothing. What made her stand out? What if she ran away? Guys what if...
(Blaire and Aria look at each other)
Aria: STOP EMMA! Weren’t we just talking about negativity? Seriously we will find her. She didn’t run away, obviously this clip shows someone abducting her.
(Emma stops pacing and plops on the ground)
Emma: I guess...but who would do this? I just don’t understand.
Blaire: None of us understand Em. But the only thing we can do is try to find her.
(Blaire goes to comfort Emma on the ground. Putting her arm around her and embracing her)
Aria: Guys what’s going on with the computer, its freezing and….OH MY GOSH! LOOK!
(Blaire and Emma sprint from the ground to the bed to see what is presented on the screen. They see a black screen which quickly fades to a picture of Kayla “sleeping” on a bed with a caption that states “Want her? You have 72 hours to find her…Starting…Now...The clock is ticking...Tick tock tick tock”)
(Girls cry)
Aria: (frantic in tears) Guys oh my god what’s going on?
Emma: I don’t know but…
(Lights begin to flicker, power goes out...girls huddle together in the corner crying)
(Voice sounds throughout the house “TICK TOCK TICK TOCK”)

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