The Chronicles Part Two The New Beginning

January 23, 2013
By Anonymous

The Chronicles Part Two the New Beginning
Chapter One
It has been a long life for Sean and Olivia. Sean turned his life around form a drug dealer to an NBA basketball star for the Boston Celtics. On his fourth game he scored twenty points, ten assists, eleven rebounds, two blocks, and one steal. Sean wanted to score sixty-three points like Michael Jordon did. His coach said he could but, all he has to do is practice and practice real hard every day. Sean took his advice and practiced every day in his inside gym in his mansion. Sean knew that one day, he will score over fifty or sixty points in the NBA championship. And when that day comes, he will be ready for it.
Chapter Two

When November came, Sean and Olivia traveled to Olivia’s parent’s house for Thanksgiving dinner. Sean had to miss a game because: he wanted to spend time with Olivia. His coach called him and said the Celtics won 118-106. Then he said he was going to give Sean $10.5000, 000 for his check for playing with the Boston Celtics. The next day, Sean traveled back to his mansion in Colorado. When he got the money from his coach, he bought himself a 2013 Lamborghini and bought Olivia a 2012 Mercedes Bens. Sean had it all and the play-offs was about to begin. Sean had to get prepared to take his team to the NBA championship and win the trophy. He also says he’s going to become MVP for his first or second time.
Chapter Three

Six months has passed since Sean’s last victory game. His team is now in the play-offs with a four game series with the Las Angeles Lakers. Sean was so excited, that he felt like he was going to score forty points or more. In the first quarter he scored twenty points, ten assists, five rebounds, two blocks, and three steals. He had a double-double. When the fourth quarter came, Sean scored forty-two points, twelve assists, and thirteen rebounds. Sean knew he was going to score forty points or more. He got a triple-double for his first time in the season. The team won 120-118. Sean hopes he gets his team passed the first, second and third round of the play-offs to the championship and he will become MVP of the year.
Chapter Four

The first game of the NBA play-offs was easy for Sean. He was comfortable with his new position as a small forward. His average three pointer percent is 80% from the court. He loved playing with the Boston Celtics, even though his favorite team is Miami Heat. The second game of the play-offs came. Sean scored fifty points, twelve rebounds, fourteen assists, five steals, and four blocks. Sean had another triple-double in the season. He was the best player in the NBA. He is ranked number three. Number one is Michael Jordan in 1997, number two is Lebron James in 2011 and 2012, and then there is Sean in 2013. Now that he scored fifty points, he knew he was going to score seventy points in the NBA championship game. He says he will become MVP. He’s definite about it.
Chapter Five

This is it. This is the championship for Sean and his team. They are real excited about the championship. This is the day that Sean scores seventy points. He wanted to break Michael Jordan’s record for scoring sixty-three points. Sean also wanted six rings like Michael also. The first quarter started. The Celtics were down by six. Sean had thirty points, nine assists, and eight rebounds. He was struggling from the court. His three point percentage was 50% from the court. When halftime came the coach told his team it was now or never. He also said that his best player on the team, which was Sean, had to step it up and lead the team to victory. It was the fourth quarter and the team was down by two. There was twenty seconds left on the game clock. Sean had the ball. The fans started counting down from ten.10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Sean shot the ball. It went in and the game was over. It was 119-116. Sean was the MVP with seventy points, twenty rebounds, nineteen assists, eight blocks, and ten steals. That was the Celtics ninth championship victory. Olivia was at the game with her parents; she jumped in Sean’s arms, kissed him, and said congratulations for the win. Everyone was excited. Now that the championship is over, will Sean go to another team or will he stay with the Boston Celtic. You’ll find out on the next Chronicles.

The author's comments:
this piece is about Sean retiring from basketball, plays golf, and then after playing golf, he wants to make R&B music and builds a studio in his mansion. He hopes his cd sell in stores.

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