leprechauns surprise

January 21, 2013
Leprechauns surprise.

Once upon a time there was a freshman girl named Ashley. Ashley loves volleyball, so she tried out for volleyball and made the team. One day after Volleyball practice, while waiting for her ride home, she noticed a glowing light, she tried to get a closer look of the light, but her ride came and she needed to leave. The next day after practice the light was still there, this time she needed to go into the forest to find the glowing light. As she went deeper in to the trees, she met a little leprechaun. By her surprise he asked her “where is my pot of gold.”She was surprised that a leprechaun asked her “where is my pot of gold”, she was also excited about the conversation she had with a little leprechaun, but she did not know how to answer. Then the leprechaun also told her that this is the start of a enchanted forest. Ashley was very excited because it is her first year of high school, made the volleyball team, and there is an enchanted forest behind her high school. Wow how much more can a freshman expect, meeting leprechauns, and looking for pots of gold is this possible? The leprechaun says “well I have to go find my pot of gold”, and the leprechaun leaves. Ashley begins to walk through the forest. As she is wondering deeper in to the forest, she discovers that there are fairies that are flying, and talking to each other, flying pigs, and goats that talk. She also runs into more leprechauns. Ashley is thinking is this even possible that I am in an enchanted forest? The leprechauns were dancing at the end of the rainbow, yet without the missing pot of gold. While Ashley was watching the leprechauns dance around the rainbow which does not have the pot of gold at the end of it. The other leprechaun that Ashley ran into at the beginning came back with the missing pot of gold that they were all looking for. Now the leprechauns looked at the other leprechauns with amazement that they found the missing pot of gold. The other friends came to help him carry the pot of gold to the end of the rainbow to set it down. Now that the leprechaun found the pot of gold the whole group of leprechauns and other animals begin dancing and singing at the end of the rainbow. Then the forest became even more magical than before. Now even stranger things began happening. Ashley still could not believe this was happening at the back of her school. Ashley stops and is awed with the magical forest, and hates to think she needs to leave. She thinks to herself am I dreaming or is this really happening. She also thinks, is this one of those TV shows and this is just a set up by her friends. Now Ashley just realizes that it is time for her pick up ride, and needs to leave the forest, yet this has been such a mystery a fun time, and a magical moment, that it is going to be such a hard time to leave, then Ashley thought to herself she was having such a great time. How will I ever tell my friends? How will my friends or other class mates believe that this is really happening? She sees her ride is here, and runs fast to hook up with her ride, so she can go home. On the way home, even with lots of conversation about school, she could not stop thinking of her magical time, and the fun moments she had while waiting for her ride. The next day at school, things just kept becoming more strange, and crazier than before. Ashley realizes in each of her classes when a student would answer a question wrong they would be turned into an animal, or some non realistic creature. But if they would answer a question correct they would have a choice to stay human or to become a lucky leprechaun for the whole day. As the day continues, more and more are turning into a animal, staying human, or turning into a lucky leprechaun. Ashley begins to realize that all the flying and talking animals that are in the back of the school are really her friends or classmates. Now that she knows that the animals and leprechauns in the enchanted forest are her friends and classmates Wow! This is crazy, thought Ashley she is no longer is afraid to go into the enchanted forest after school. Now that she is friends with every single one of them she plays chess with the gold coins, and when she wins or is done playing she gets to keep every gold coin. Now that she knows that all the leprechauns, fairies, and talking animals are her friends she goes there every day after school and after volleyball practice.

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