January 16, 2013
“How can you shame our family honor like this?!” shouted Kent.
“It wasn’t me, I swear, brother, you have been mistaken!” replied Ren.
“You are a disgrace, get out of this house, we are not brothers anymore!”
Kent pointed his fingers to the door and screamed for Ren to get out. A deep voice ordered Kent to go to a certain room.
“Kentarou , I am very ashamed that my second son is a traitor. As you can see, I am in a very poor condition right now.”
The man coughed in pain several times.
Then the man spoke again, “Although you are my illegitimate child, I bestow you the title to the head of the family.”
“I appreciate it very much father,” replied Kent.
“I have the documents and my will ready, you can go back to your room.”
Kent got up and suddenly walked towards the wall, which two precious Katanas (Japanese swords) were hung up. He grabbed one of them and unsheathed it. Kent licked the blade.
“What, what are you doing?” the man said trembling with fear. “I’ve raised you well didn’t I, I clothed and fed you, why are you doing this to me?! “
“I went through hell after your men, murdered my mother,” said Kent in response to what the man had said.
His eyes were filled with hatred and unpleasant emotions were stirring up his heart.
And a minute later the man’s head was chopped off and blood splattered everywhere.
And so Kent fled.
A man was watching behind one of the pillars that was supporting this old traditional Japanese mansion.
There Ren bent his knees down, covering his mouth and his eyes were filled with fear and tears.
“Father, I’ll take revenge for you, I swear,” Ren mumbled out.
His eyes were filled with determination and he walks off to pursue his brother.

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