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steele:harlem hero

By , milwaukee, WI
There once was a story told in Harlem New York about a vampire named Steele he wasn’t an ordinary vampire he was a vampire hero. But before we get to his heroic actions let me give you a quick run through about him and how he was created. First he wasn’t born in a regular way he was created by a scientist who fused human DNA with a rare prehistoric bat. And was raised by the scientist until Steele ran off and was found by a family in Harlem. And they took Steele in and raised him as their own. That should give you some background information on him ill explain the rest later on.

So Steele never knew of his vampire side until he was seventeen years old. And they the way he found out is crazy. Steele played basketball for his high school team, so went up for a dunk and he took flight right out the gym window. And every since then he never knew what he was but knew he was never normal. So he went to his parents and they came clean to him and told he was found and they took him in at a younger age. He was angry so he went out to explore the world and himself. But for some reason the first place he went to was the movies. Where he saw this vampire movie and he was shocked because a lot of stuff in the movie he could do himself so he thought he would be a vampire.

Time pasted and he perfected his vampire skills he also decided he wanted to use them for good. Steele started with stopping many petty crimes such as purse snatchers and liquor store robbers. And as time progressed he locked away kingpins and crime lord but no one knew who were responsible for all these lock ups he was fine with that instead he wanted the cash prize award. So he revealed himself at the city annual day parade he also had a costume so he could fit the hero image perfectly. The whole city screamed in excitement to find out who their invisible hero was but that wasn’t the only attention he caught he also caught the attention of many of the criminals he put away.

So now there was a cash prize out on the super vampire hero Steele worth ten million dollars. Steele knew what he was up against and had prepared for it by keeping his family prepared and getting the proper weapons ready to protect him. Now every superhero story has a super villain and this stories super villain name is Delmar, a natural evil person from Brooklyn New York he comes from a family of kingpins and crime lords and really has no mercy for anyone and has everything possible that is evil. Delmar is out for Steele because he has locked nearly Delmar’s whole family.

One day one of Delmar’s gangsters had some information on who steel was and where he lived so Delmar took a ride up the house and check it out himself. One steel heard and odd noise he immediately got ready for combat. So Delmar bussed in steels house and punched him right in the face, Steele the used his powers to fly and hit Delmar’s from all angles. Delmar then proceeded to call all his Hench men in to kill Steele, but Steele had the power to multiply himself by three and fight off the men took a lot but he finally beat all his Hench men. And it was down to just Delmar and Steele Delmar pulled out a wooden steak and tried to penetrate it into his heart but Steele stopped it with all his force and used it to kill Delmar.

And when he did that he sighed in relief because he knew with Delmar gone there would be no more crime in the city New York. The whole city praised as he walked out his house in pain. Steele soon after retired from being a hero and lived a regular life with no chances of turning back ever. So that was the story of Steele the super hero he lived a very odd life and ended very normal. He also helped the whole city of New York along the way.

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CollinGriffeth This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Jan. 22, 2013 at 11:16 pm
I don't understand why this is voted number one. There's no structure to it, no arc, no dilema. It's bland, just like every other vampire story out there and doesn't even seem to be revised by whomever wrote it.
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