Alone with Rotten Flesh

January 8, 2013
Part: 1 The Beginning
Poverty, poverty leads to hunger, hunger leads to death, death leads to life.

Light rushes into his eyes almost making him blind. He forces his body to move. His feet find the cold concrete floor of the empty church he discovered in the early hours of the night. He manages to put his pants on and load his pistol at the same time. He quickly began packing his gear almost like someone or something is after him.

Chapter: 1 A Struggle.
Isaac pulls himself out of the window and lands on a pile of glass shards. He manages to put his backpack in the trunk and scrambles into the driver’s seat of his car and starts it just before the “carrier's” got to the car. Those things were beating on the glass and doors. Isaac scrambled for his pistol and put the car in gear. Isaac floored it leaving the empty church in his mirror and the carriers behind.

“GOD, That was close.” Isaac muttered to himself.
He looked to his G.P.S trying to figure out where the heck he was. The screen came to life and spoke.“Hello Isaac, where would you like to go.” Isaac thought for a moment then said “Away”. “Error, error, location not found.” Isaac shut the G.P.S down and drove till he was barely was awake. He looked at the little green neon numbers reading 1:03 am. He pulled into an old driveway, which looked like it had not been used in years. He shut all the lights off and pulled his fathers old leather jacket over him and drifted in and out of sleep.

The nightmare came back again. The same hooded figure standing under a single light. No one speaks, nothing moves just Isaac's eyes locked on this figure doing nothing. Moments before Isaac awakens his mind zooms in on the figures face and there is no face. Just a blank white space.

Chapter: 2 On the run.
Isaac woke up in a cold sweat. He doesn't move because there are ten carriers about thirty feet away. He slowly moves to his father's pistol and turns the keys to start the car. The second the car starts the carriers start sprinting toward Isaac. One of the things crawls under his car and tries to pull something from under the car. Isaac slams the pedal to the floor and burst out of the driveway.

He gets five miles away when the fan belt in the engine tears. Isaac puts his face in his hands and said, “NO,NO,NO”. He puts his gun to his head but stops himself. In his head “I can't, what will all this be for if I just kill my self”. Tears run down his face. He forces them to go away. He puts the gun down and thinks for a solution.

Isaac steps out of his car into the dead world. The world once filled with life and happiness. The air once smelled of sweat honey and love now absent and covered with a fog of death and blood. Isaac gags at the first scent of this odor but manages to lift the hood to only find the fan belt ripped to pieces only hanging on by a thread. Isaac swears under his breath and slams the hood shut only to regret the noise. Frustration is the only thing in Isaac's mind.

Chapter: 3 Into the darkness.
Out of the corner of his eye Isaac sees a faded red sign stating “Mills General Store, 2 mile”. Isaac looks to the sky and whispers “Thank you”. “ I should take my pistol and a few extra clips just in case I run into trouble.” Carrier or human. Isaac takes one last look at his car and treads off into the darkness.

He keeps his pistol tight in his left hand ready for anything.
By now he has gone half a mile down the road. Isaac has no idea what time it is. He thought it was around 3 in the afternoon. Since the sun was a little lower then the middle of the sky. He walked along the road for another 45 minutes by his best guest and finally reached the general store. He prayed that it was not empty. He slowly walked up the fragile wooden steps to the door. It looked like there was no one inside so Isaac grabbed the doorknob and slowly turned it.

He put his gun in the pack side of his pants so he doesn't look like trouble, that is if anyone was inside that wanted trouble. “Hello.... hello, anyone here. Nothing answered him, not a breath was in this building. He frantically began looking for a fan belt and anything else he could use but he suddenly stopped when he hears the c*** of a gun from behind him.

End of part 1
Part 2: Waking up
Chapter 4: Crusty eyes

“WHO ARE YOU, WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS”. There is no response. Isaac sits in silence now, hidden in the dirty corner of the holding cell. Images of his dead loved ones float in his mind. He puts his head in his arms and lets the tears run.
“Everyone is dead, what's the point”. Suddenly the cell door opens in steps in a tall large man dressed what looked like a biker. He speaks
“ If there is no point then why am i keeping you alive”. “Don't, don’t keep me alive. Put a bullet in my head and set me free.” By now Isaac has lost all hope in everything. He believes survival is now useless and pointless. The man Isaac believes is his captor speaks again in a dark booming voice, “I need you, i need you to tell me”. “Tell you?” “Tell you what” “ That everyone in the world is dead, dying or eating each other.” There is a long silence then the man grabs Isaac by the shirt collar and drags him out.

Chapter 5: The light

“Let me go, let me go. what do you want with me”. Isaac panickingly grabs for anything to use as a weapon or to break the man's grip. Isaac sees a brick out of the corner but by the time its in his reach he get tossed into a room with 2 chairs and a table. the man forces Isaac into one chair and he sits in the other on the opposite end of the table. there is silence for a minute and Isaac notices the man is what looks like studying him like some kind science project. Isaac breaks the silence. “What do you want”. “Tell me” The man responds. “Tell you what”. “Who are you, where you're going and why”. Isaac thinks for a minute.
“My name is David Copperfield, what's your’s.” The man gets up, walks over the Isaac and punches him in the cheek. The heat and pain just to meet Isaac as he curses under his breath. “ Lets try this again, WHAT'S YOUR NAME!” The anger in the mans voice scares Isaac. “My name is Isaac”. “Nice to meet you Isaac, now tell me where are you going and why you were in the general store”. Isaac sign and responds. “The fan belt in my car ripped apart so went to the general store.” “Good answer, i was about to kill you.” Isaac felt his nerves tighten has the man said that four letter word. “ You see Isaac I've been by my self since this thing happened, everyone left to be with their family and friends in man's final day.” The man turns and Isaac notices his pistol in the man hand. He raises the gun and fires.The last thing Isaac saw a bright white flash.

Chapter 6: Escape
Isaac wakes up in the same room but almost suddenly notices something on the wall. The black wall was now dark red. Isaac walks over to the other end of the table to find a gruesome sight.The man shot himself in the head. Isaac retrieves his pistol from the man’s cold blood soaked hands and heads for the exit.

End of part 2

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