Two Nations Collide

January 11, 2013
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Two Nations Collide

It was the year 50XX on the planet Dragaria. Dragaria was a peaceful world ever since it was split into two different nations long ago.The two different dragon breeds, were unable to live intermixed, and so they decided to part two different ways by making their own nation. The two nations decided to fight because of their differences and to test which nation was stronger. They fought for 500 cycles with swords clashing, and blood spilling. After the 501th cycle, both sides found the war pointless because they were too equally powered, so they stopped the war and stayed at equilibrium. Nation of the North was called the Cartos, the wielders of the Red Fire Sword, and in the south was the nation with the name Lartos, the wielders of the Blue Fire Dagger . They were both equally powered, none was stronger than the other, and this was how they maintained peace on the planet Dragaria. The two nations had everything, food, shelter, resources, and most importantly their armies. Although the two nations were at peace with each other, they had hard times trusting one another because of the small “accidents” that happen during peace time.
Present Day:

The 2,101th election is about to begin in 35 cycles (35 days), and the two nations are getting ready to prepare to vote for their nation’s representatives. The running candidates were Crane, a well respected senate of the Cartos Nation, and Kargon, a power hungry representative of the Lartos nation. Crane and Kargon knew each other fairly well, and people did not know how or why or whether or not their relationship was good or bad. 15 Cycles passed by since the countdown began, and each representative did multiple different activities and hosted a lot of events to prove to their nation that they were fit for the position at the top. While the people of Cartos had faith and trust in Crane, Kargon was losing hope from the people of Lartos. Kargon needed some way to show and prove that he was worthy for the position, and when he walked around he stumbled upon an ancient book that happened to have the answer to all his problems. The book displayed the Red Fire Sword and the Blue Fire Dagger, and when put together, it will create Black thunder which is the most powerful element/ energy of the Universe. After thinking out his plan thoroughly, he decided to go on a mission.
On the 30th cycle, Kargon grabbed the Blue Fire Dagger and flew over to the Cartos Nation, and disguised himself as a Cartosian civilian. He sniffed his way around to find where the Cartosian’s kept their Blue Fire Dagger and finally got to the Tower of Gargoyles, the most secured building in the Cartos Nation. Kargon had a nickname back in his hometown, he was known as the Master Disguiser because he was able to turn into anything and anyone. It was a gift from above that only 2 people in all of the Dragarian history wielded. The two wielders are Kargon himself and the Grand Dragon Master; whom existed multiple million cycles ago. As Kargon approached the Tower of Gargoyles, he spotted a Cartosian Guard and hastily took the form of the guard. Looking like a regular Cartosian guard, Kargon casually walked into the Tower of Gargoyles and suspiciously looked around for the secret entrance way to find the Cartos’s Red Fire Sword. He thought this mission was going to be easy, but at the same time he felt like he was being followed by something… someone. As Kargon entered the main temple he noticed the exquisite design that he had never seen before. He spotted three dragon head stones which looked very familiar to him then he spotted a figure whom he was able to identify quckly. It was Kumarin the Captain of the Cartosian Imperial Army whom was in charge of protecting the Sacred Sword. Kumarin was no ordinary Cartosian Guard, he composed a special power that no other being possessed in Dragaria. Kargon slowly drew his Blue Fire Dagger and slowly approached his foe. Kargon stabbed his unwary opponent from the behind, and Kumarin was completely obliterated by the burning blue fire but little did Kargon know was that the Kumarin he thought he stabbed was actually sitting on a chair on the loft that was above him. Kumarin rose and said “I knew you were coming here Kargon, I spotted you take form of one of my soldiers... and if you haven’t figured it by now…you are currently under my illusion.” Kargon sweating and breathing heavily replies “ But…. I never looked into your vicious eyes! How could I possibly be under your illusions?!”. Kumarin replies softly “You have...” Then through Kumarins body came out the edge of Kargon’s sword. Kumarin coughing out blood gargled out the words “..but how … I thought I had you under my illusion…” Kargon smirking replies “You really think something that weak would really get me? Don’t make me laugh Kumarin! I am powerful! And I will be unstoppable once I wield the Red Fire Sword!” Leaving Kumarin bleeding, Kargon runs off to find the item he desired, but what he found was the Lartosian army, and behind them he found Crane. And so begins the great war of Dragaria.
To be continued…

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