Maze Runner by James Dashner

January 5, 2013
By DreaminMimi BRONZE, Fort Collins, Colorado
DreaminMimi BRONZE, Fort Collins, Colorado
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What in the world could possibly be a glade he thought to himself? All of these questions kept on pouring into his head, where am I? What happened? The boy starts to walk closer to him.
“Here is where u will be staying for now on, I have the room right next to yours F10 so if you have any trouble you can come to me. Here is your room number F09.” The boy gave him a card with his room number on it and started walking away.
Thomas had a lot of questions to ask the boy but his mind was so full of thought and confused that he stood there watching him walk away. After he put all his questions and confusions aside he looked down at the card with his room number on it. Walking around like a lost puppy, he finally found his room. Thomas enters his new room and was surprised to see it was like any other bedroom, it had a desk closet and a bed with a nightstand. The only thing that was odd about the room was that his room was all metal, except for his accessories. Thomas needed to figure out where he was and why he couldn’t remember such things like his parents and friends names. He decided to lie down and try to get his thoughts right. He couldn’t remember details, Thomas tried very hard to remember little things like what PJs he put on but as hard as he tried he couldn’t recall. The only thing he could remember was going into bed the other night, but he didn’t remember anything else. After an hour of long of sophisticated thinking he had happened to fall asleep. After a good three hours of resting he had woken up. He woke up a little startled but quickly remembered that he was at this place called the “glade”. Thomas herd chatter from outside, he looked out his window and saw a whole lot of children all ages in the same color clothes running round and round a field that looked much like a baseball field. When he saw the field that looked very similar to a baseball field it made him think, inside he knew what kind of a field it was but couldn’t put his mind on it. This made him very angry, he knew what it was but it just kept on slipping out of his mind.
“Come on I know what this field is. Come on……..ugh come on I know this” he said very irritated with himself. He looked outside one more time, he closed his eyes and then and there he saw himself with his best friends playing baseball right behind his neighborhood when he got hit with a fast pitched baseball right in the head. Rapidly opening his eyes with his eyes shining and a smile on his face he exclaims.
“I remember now!”

The author's comments:
I read the first chapter in this book and made up the second one on my own giving background info from the first chapter.

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on Aug. 26 2017 at 6:41 am
Realjay41 DIAMOND, Culpeper , Virginia
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I love it! Maze runner is one of my all time favorite movies and books! It's so good!


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