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The Betrayal

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Felling a warm puff of air blow by my neck, I was horrified. I was
being interrogated by a group of Russian spies. Beaten and beaten, yet
they would not get any information out of me. As I regain consciousness I
start to observe. There are two men in here with me. I am handcuffed.
There is a table. There is a key on this table. They offer my freedom
if I will give Americas nuclear launch codes. I laugh and spit at
them. Next thing I know I am waking up in the back of a truck.
Now that we are alone, I will tell you more of my story. I am the
nuclear physicist who designed the codes for the American nuclear
warheads. I went on a world expo to explain my new method of launch
codes that change every 30 minutes. It is a very new idea and has
never been tested. During the expo I was taken hostage, which leads us
to the Russian spies… The truck has stopped!
I am kneeling. They have a gun to my head. There is no turning back.
They say something to me in Russian. I pray my final prayer.
Wait… I am not dead… I look up and the spies are on the ground dead.
The great Navy seals have rescued me. I look to them and say thank you my brothers.
They rush me to their helicopter I rejoice and thank God for saving me.
Wait what? They are hand cuffing me?
What is wrong my brothers, they do not reply.
I feel sick to my stomach, kidnapped by spies and then betrayed by my country.
We enter a secret base and they begin to question me.
Did you give them the codes? They ask me.
No, I reply for I cannot give them the codes because I do not know them.
The only “thing” that knows the codes are the sender hidden in this very base, and the receiver in the nuclear launch facility.
Good they say, you are free to go.
You will be put into witness protection and you must not make any contact with you wife or family.
Wait, I say you mean to tell me that I cannot even talk to my family ever again
Then I refuse.
You do not want to refuse they assure me.
By this time they had already removed my handcuffs.
I went to run for the door but was quickly stopped by the men.
It is a shame that you can be convinced with so much money.
Who am I you may ask. Well I once was Dmitri Molotov a Russian spy.
Who am I now? I am Joseph Grenville an American citizen who makes often visits to my favorite country other than the USA.
The country that has never betrayed me.
It was painful to see my brothers die of the seals.
But the reward for my true country was much better than I ever thought could be.

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