The Fate of The world

November 26, 2012
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On a cold summer night when the moon was full, strange things happened. People say they saw a little man creature walk by and say ‘’Phone Home.’’ Others say they saw a man screaming ‘’Hee Hee!’’ Rumors say on a blue moon these 2 mysterious figures will have an epic battle for the most important thing ever; The World.

The small man creature came from the sky and he was left behind to live on Earth and control it. He had been hiding on Earth for ten years and is ready to take the Earth. The only thing standing in his way was his enemy, the Tall One.

The Tall One was very, very pale. He liked to dance and wear white gloves. He had many musical hits and records. He was Michael Jackson. He needed to stop the small man creature from taking over Earth. He would do everything in his power to stop him and take over the world for himself.

The small man creature was E.T. You may think he is a small defenseless alien, but he was a killing machine.

It was only 2 days until the epic battle. People were preparing for the end. They were committing crimes at the Holyoke Mall like stealing cars, phones, iPods, TVs, and lots more.

Two days later, the Holyoke Mall was completely demolished. The blue moon was coming and the fate of the world was about to be decided.

It was time for the battle. Michael Jackson was walking slowly through on side of the Holyoke Mall. E.T was walking through the other side of the mall. They came face-to-face. Michael Jackson did the moonwalk and it produced a loud boom. E.T was pushed back. E.T had taken some damage, but he had enough power to do a tap dance routine. It produced a screeching noise that made Michael Jackson confused. Michael Jackson did no give up. He did his signature move, Thriller. E.T was blown away he was weak but he had enough power to do his ultimate move. He got up, pulled out a guitar, and did a guitar solo. But this was no ordinary guitar solo. It was the most powerful solo in the universe. Michael Jackson was on his knees and fell face first into the ground. He was not moving. E.T had won.

Instead of taking over the world, E.T became a famous guitar player. He became the most popular guitar player ever. The Earth was fine and this is the end of our story. OR IS IT?

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