My Soul Prince

October 29, 2012
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Chapter 1

*Clarissa's POV*

Hello there! I'm Clarissa Green and I'm only 18 years old. I'm in my senior year and just to let you know, I'm poor. I live by myself and I'm extremely poor. Yes, you should know that info. I guess that I'm used to being extremely poor. My uncle was the one that got me enrolled in school and paid for it. I didn't. He doesn't care about me. Never gave me money for food or clothes. He had to because it was in my parents' will. Yes, they passed away from a car accident. I go to a school called Royal High School. Yeah, it's only for rich kids. ~sigh.

I walked up the stairs and met Ellie who is my best friend.

"Hey Ellie!" I said cheerfully and Ellie beamed. She suddenly gasped and I turned around. Four boys were walking up the stairs and the girls had made a path.

"It's the popular group, The Prince's," I thought with disgust. I hate those kind of people who were rude and acted as if they own everything just because... they're super rich. I reluctantly went to the side and saw them pass by. Jeremy is the blonde guy, Jake is the one with blue hair, Blake with green hair, and Danny with purple. Jeremy looked at me curiously but I looked away. He nudged Jake and Jake looked at me for a long time and then suddenly grabbed my arm.

"Ack!" I yelped and he dragged me along with the group. The girls were shooting me jealous, disbelieving, shocking, surprise, sympathy, and amusement as Jake dragged me.

"Let go of me you vile snobby and rude person," I spat and Jake abruptly let me go. I fell to the ground and stood up.

"Well then, that was quite rude," I huffed and turned away. I was outside the campus and I looked around wildly. Where am I?

"We need to talk to you," Jeremy said and I froze. His voice was a bit deep and rich that it made me want to float in the air.

"Yea?" I asked turning around and Blake came up behind me and I moved out of the way swiftly.

"Next time, move out of our way faster," He snarled and I glared at him. I sneered back, "Who cares anyway? You guys are just a bunch of snobby rude rich people."

"Why you little brat!" Yelled Danny and he struck me with such force that I fell to the ground. I put my hand to my face and felt something warm gushing out. Blood. It hurts... a lot. Danny and Jeremy are the only ones that are a bit muscular and they're pretty strong. Danny also wears some metal rings so now I can feel their marks on my face. I screwed my eyes shut and then I tried hard not to cry.

"Let's go," Danny said with disgust and he left along with Jake and Blake. Jeremy stayed behind and he knelt beside me.

"Are you ok?" He asked gently and I nodded. I staggered up and nearly fainted. I was dizzy. Jeremy steadied me and I stumbled towards the gate and I pressed my hand to my cheek. Ellie was waiting for me and gasped when she saw me.

"Oh darling Clare! What happened to you?" She cried rushing towards me.

"It's Clarissa Ell, Ell." I mumbled and Ellie laughed softly. I staggered again and whacked my head against the wall hard. I whimpered in pain and Ellie started screaming my name frantically. I couldn't hear her properly. I then felt a pair of strong arms surround me and heard Jeremy telling me, Ellie to calm down. "Jeremy!" I tried to tell him I was ok but he only held me tighter and I blacked out.

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