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halloween night

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It was Halloween night, Isn’t that how it always starts out. On a night kids know that something is going to happen, When the nightmares appear and certainly scary things come your way. On the night when bad events seem to take place. Nick, Ava, Brady, and Lauren were leaving a party. They were all having a blast and dressed up in their costumes. They were having such a great night! When the party and fun started coming to a close, they realized how dark it had gotten and how many more cars had arrived. A sudden worry came over them and wondered if they would be able to find their way back. They decided to just start to walk and hope they would be able to find their car. “We should have thought this through…..” Ava thought to herself. They were already starting to feel the cold breeze hit them just like that; due to it being close to midnight. The breeze seemed to be picking up and getting colder and colder as they continued their walk. Ava started giving ideas on how they could find their way back and get out of the situation. Lauren was already shaking and nervous. Her mind was racing but didn’t want to speak aloud about her fears and seem scared. She kept her thoughts to herself. As soon as Nick tried to give out an idea, he was interrupted by the whistling and howling of the wind, he was quickly silenced and fear overcame the group even more. Another sound even more scary came from what seemed as though a short distance away. “It’s probably just the wind or something far away…” Brady finally said a few minutes of silence later. But then again it could always be something else……..They all tried to have the thought escape their mind. It felt like they had been there for hours upon hours. All four of them sighed and decided to take a seat and brainstorm.
‘How did this even happen” Lauren said.
“This is a nightmare” Nick stated.
“We need to come up with an idea and fast..!” Brady and Ava said at almost the same time. All of a sudden they heard that shrieking noise again, this time seeming to be even closer than before! They all exchanged a look with each other, faces filled with fear. “No time for sitting”, Ava yelled. They got up and sprinted away all hoping not to attract any attention to themselves, not knowing what could be coming their way. They slowed down again once they were down the road. It just seemed to be getting darker and darker and colder and colder! They all had to continue walking on with the sound approaching. As scared as they were of this mysterious sound they were also curious as to what it could be. Suddenly, off in the distance they kept thinking that they could see or hear people! “Could it be?!?!”, Ava shouted. “After all of this, finally!” Nick exclaimed. They had never hoped for anything more in their lives than to finally be out of this nightmare and be back home and safe. All of a sudden when they felt they were on the final few steps back. The screeching sound appeared again. “No, no,no this can’t be happening”, Lauren said her voice filled with fear, “What could it be??” they whispered.
The noise , sounding as though it was circling all around them. All of a sudden a figure appeared, off in the distance. The screeching immediately made sense. It looked like some stray dogs were after something to eat! They all screamed and didn’t want to get in the way of whatever they were after… Unless of course, it was them the dogs were after. They all ran in different directions, but quickly realized that it would be a bad idea to separate. The dogs were running all around them for something. Since they couldn’t get away, they decided to go in different directions hoping to go unnoticed successfully. The dogs eventually got tired and gave up and went a different direction. As they were running Brady finally saw it,
“GUYS LOOK”, they finally saw the road. They all started sprinting towards the road and all shared a sigh of relief and never felt happier.
“Finally this nightmare is over you guys” Ava explained! I knew it would be okay.
They were all ecstatic to be back with their families and friends. Everyone wondered what happened, with all the chaos they could barely remember. Ava simply stated “Were all just happy that’s over with the nightmare is over. Their parents had never been happier to see them and were so happy they were back home safe.

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