The Guilty Face

November 13, 2012
The Guilty Face
There I was in the bank when all of a sudden the lights went out. I heard a voice that shouted, “Everybody down!” I immediately dropped to the floor like a stone. Then the lights came back on. There were ten mysterious men with dark handle-bar moustaches in their hands they each carried an M-16. I was about twenty feet from the teller booth. I was on my way out when they came in. the bathroom is located at the side of the teller booth; just perfectly so that I could see in. I could almost see the entire bank except for the people who were in front of the teller booth.
I saw somebody try to run; I heard her scream then she fell. She was shot. The ten mysterious men went over to the teller; they came in the door that was off to my right. They all went in, and nine of them seemed to guard the other man who was talking to the teller. I saw a small motion with her hand. She pressed a silent alarm. The police were on their way. I saw a man off to my left fiddling with his jacket. Then I saw that he brought out a gun. He started moving slowly when I heard a gunshot. The man was shot in the knee.
One of them men screamed, “This is an example; if any of you try to shoot us; you will end up like him,”
I started to observe the people around me. There were two people located in between the door and me; there were five to my left not counting the man who was shot in his knee. The men started moving toward us one at a time and started questioning us.
One came to me and said “What is your name?”
I replied “My name is Bill.”
“Why did you come here today?” He questioned.
“Because I was cashing a check so I could have money,”
The man who was shot, was about twenty feet away from me with blood slowly coming from his knee. I slowly started to make my way over to him, to get the gun that he had pulled out. One man yelled “What are you doing?”
I stopped moving. The man, that had yelled was in a pinstriped suit that is dark blue with white stripes running down the side, was leaning over a woman yelling at her because she had picked up her purse. “I was just getting my purse,” She said angrily. “We told everyone to stay on the ground.” Then the strange man shot her.
“No!” cried a young man who looked like the woman who had just been killed.
“Quiet you!” the man screamed.
By this time the men had almost all the money from the vault. It looked like a lot of money. I slowly began to move again, I was within five feet of the man when I heard him groan. He seemed to be alive. I started to move faster sure I was going to get to the gun.
I was at the gun when the man who was groaning whispered “Here,” he groaned slightly as he slid me the gun. “Thanks,” I whispered. “What is your name?”
“Tom,” replied the man.
I pointed the gun at the man who shot Tom and fired. The man crumpled as I had shot him in his knee. The other men started to run as they shot at me to the door. I shot the man who was previously talking to the teller. He was now running away with the stacks of crisp bills in a gym bag. But when he was shot he tripped over his own legs and spilled all the money. They continued to shoot at me; but the boy who had watched his own mother get shot grabbed one of the guns off the ground off of one of the men who I shot and started shooting at the men. I saw the men start dropping left and right. There were two men left when I saw flashing lights through the windows of the bank. Police and paramedics arrived at the bank.
A squad of police officers came in and screamed “Freeze!”
The two remaining men stopped and put their hands in the air. The lieutenant came around to them and handcuffed them. Another cop took them out to the cop car.
An officer came over to me and asked me “How are all of these men been injured?”
“That isn’t important,” I replied “We need to get them to a hospital before they bleed out,”

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Jim F. said...
Nov. 16, 2012 at 4:06 pm
I like how the bank robbery was put, but  it could have been different
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