Triangle Tragedy

October 31, 2012
By grayson braziel BRONZE, Midland, Texas
grayson braziel BRONZE, Midland, Texas
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“Flight 35 will be leaving in three minutes, so sit back, and we hope you enjoy your

trip.” Trent was so excited to go and see his mother. He hadn’t seen her in so long he

couldn’t tell you the last time. Trent thought to himself, “Wow, I can’t believe I’m

actually going to get to see her.” As they were flying the plane started to get really

bumpy, then the sky started to turn dark and lightening was blasting right at the plane.

The plane crashed down, and right as it was falling Trent saw the number 10 in the sky.

Trent opened his eyes and there he was again right in the middle of his bedroom. He

looked at his watch and it was approximately 3:10 p.m., the exact time he left his house

to go to the airport. Then he looked at his watch again and again, but he didn’t think it

was real. The watch read 3:10, May 3rd, 3000. Trent was in shock. He didn’t think it

could be possible. He finally got his act together and went outside.

The second he opened the door he lost it. He thought that his eyes were about to

explode. He thought it was a dream. Right in front of him were flying cars. The thing

that everyone said was impossible was now right in front of his face. But it wasn’t just

cars, there were holograms of people, and almost everywhere you looked there were

robots. Trent didn’t know what to think. He didn’t if should be shocked, or wonder why

this was happening. He started to walk down the street and the further he went the more

of a dream it was for him. The grass was virtual, it wasn’t even real. He saw a

restaurant and when they brought out the food it was a stick of gum! Trent kept walking

along until he finally ran into a person. He asked them, “Hello, what is your name?” The

woman replied, “Hi sir, may name is Paige.” For some reason this woman looked very

familiar to Trent. Trent asked her, “Ma’am, do you by chance know anybody named

Trent?” Paige replied, “Why yes I do indeed, he was my great, great, great grandfather,

but I never actually met him.”

Right at that moment it came to Trent that this wasn’t a dream or a fairy tale, he was

stuck in the future. Trent thought to himself, “how on earth did I get here?” He thought

and thought until he came up with maybe it had to do something with the plane crash.

Trent started to remember the plane crash and all of the horrible sounds of everybody

screaming. He also remembered seeing that weird “10” in the sky. But he still thinks he

imagined seeing it. Trent tried to think of a way to get back but he just couldn’t think of

anything. Trent thought “should I try to escape or should I try to fit in here?” Trent

walked around some more trying to decide what to do. When he was walking he saw

some more amazing sights. For example, the buildings were as tall as mountains. The

flying cars were birds as they were flying through the sky.

Trent finally decided since he couldn’t think of a way to get of the future he would

stay in the future. Besides he thought, it is everybody’s dream to be in the future. Trent

went back to Paige and lived with her. When they got to her house it wasn’t like any

other house. It looked very odd and for one it was floating. It wasn’t rectangular or

square, it was a circle or half of one that is. When Trent touched the house there was

nothing to touch. His hand went right through the house.

Trent spent the next nine years with Paige and got to like the future a lot. But now to

him it wasn’t really considered the future. It was just normal, present time. A couple of

more months passed and Trent forgot about being stuck. He just thought that this was his

normal life until one day he woke up and did his normal routine. He brushed his teeth,

combed is hair, told his robot to get his clothes and coffee, then he got in his flying car

and flew to work. At work he pressed his key chain button and the car shrank and he put

it in his pocket. He had a normal day at work but when he got back into his car and

started to drive he saw the weirdest thing. Trent could have sworn he was driving

through some kind of portal because he saw years flying by him and colors were circling

around him. Before he knew it he was back in his home. This time it seemed different.

To Trent is seemed like the past. He looked around and before he knew it he knew

exactly where he was. He though, “how long have I been in the future?” He looked at

his watch and it read approximately 3:10, May 3rd, 2022. Trent was stuck in the future

for ten years, but he still couldn’t come up with the answer of how he got there. He

thought and thought until…Mom! He remembered the plane trip to his mom’s and how

it crashed. But how could it have crashed in the future? He thought again until he came

up with a bizarre answer. He wondered what if the plane flew through the Bermuda

Triangle? But then he wondered why was he there for ten years because it seemed like a

million. All of a sudden Trent remembered seeing that 10 in the sky right before the plane


So now Trent had all his answers but the only problem was Trent didn’t remember

anything from this century. So Trent had to get used to no flying cars, no holograms, and

no robots, and everything else not virtual. But eventually he did. Trent also realized that

technology should not make the person that we are today even though that is what our

world is coming to. Even after ten years Trent finally went to see his mother but this
time he drove.

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