A Sleeping Nightmare

November 1, 2012
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I have a headache, as I wake up from a sudden bash to my head. My head is pounding as I slowly open my left eye. As I slowly open my right eye, I sit up. I gazed around to see what’s going on. As I sat up my headache vanishes, I wanted to see what’s all around me, and so I lift myself up. When I finally had gotten to my feet, my knees gave out and I fell backwards to the ground. It was like my legs were like noodles. I tried again to get to my feet, but my butt finds the ground once again. I took a deep breath and lifted myself off of the ground. Then again, my legs failed me. When I was finally able to stand, I took a good look around to get a good perspective of where I was. Just as I was noticing what was all around me, I saw a said looking clown on a trickle. How bizarre I thought.
As my eyes glanced upon hills that were a gray color, and ground that looked like a big rats net. At that point I stared at the sky, soon after, my focus shifted to the ground. As I looked at the ground, I lift up my left foot and noticed that underneath it was greenish gray ooze. It was dripping off of my shoe like a dripping water faucet. I put my left foot back down; I lift my right foot to see if the ooze was there as well. As I lift my right foot, I suddenly notice that my left foot was beginning to sink into the ooze. I stupidly put my right foot down to try to get my left foot out of the ooze.

I struggled to pull myself out of the ooze with a nearby tree. I soon gave up and attempt to walk through the disgusting ooze. I lift my legs up high out of the ooze, so that I could attempt to try to get through the ooze. Then at the spur of the moment, I start running towards the only safe spot that I could see.
I am trying and trying and trying to get through the ooze. I take a deep breath, but every time I take a step towards the safe spot, but it gets further and further away. As I attempt to get through the ooze I trip and my face meets the soft and sticky gray ooze. I pick myself up as fast as I can, but it isn't fast enough. My left foot begins to sink further in. I am tugging and pulling, and then my right foot gets stuck! Panic reaches my stomach, as I realize that I am going die, from this awful gray ooze.

Shortly after, my legs begin to follow my feet, and then my torso got submerged in the ooze. I look up to that awful slimy looking sky and yelled, “I have no regrets.” Then my shoulders got swallowed up. Then when the ooze got to my neck, a tear ran down my check. The tear symbolizes that all of my friends and family will never get to see me ever again; and I, them. The ooze covers my neck, and then it slowly creeps up to my face. As I was going underneath, I hold my breath for as long as I can. When I’m about to pass out, my eyes suddenly open and I find myself back in my bed. Sweat dripping down from my face, as I sit up. I then, look over to my alarm clock to see what time it is.
The clock read 12:01 AM. I realized that I have about six more hours to sleep until I had to get up for school. I turned my fan on high, pulled the covers back over myself and tried to go back to sleep. As sleeps slowly overcome me, I started to dream. I found myself in a small cozy cottage in the woods. I saw a table to my left and three bowls of oatmeal. I wanted to go taste the oatmeal, so I sit down in the chair that is right in front of me. I took the spoon that was next to the bowl and slightly dipped the spoon in the oatmeal (to see if the oatmeal tastes any good). As I take my first spoonful of the oatmeal, I could hear loud footsteps coming from outside of the cottage.
In the pit of my stomach I feel sick. I could hear footsteps getting louder and louder. As I was panicking, not knowing where to go, I saw an open window, I run and jumped through. As I got up and looked behind me, I saw nothing. Relief over came me, as I started walking away from the cottage. As I walked I then heard a very deep growl, I turn to see what it is. As I turned my head to the right, I saw a big black bear coming towards me. As the bear was running, drool was dangling from his mouth. As I ran away from the bear, I trip and my face meets the dirt.
I lied as quietly and stiff as possible. The bear rolls me over and slashes my face. I try not to cry, but I cry anyway. As the tears runs down from my face, it stings as the tears run into my open wounds. There is another growl, the bear that is over me turns his head and growls back. As the bear is distracted, I slip out from under him and run into the woods. I see a path about twenty feet away. I try to control my breathing and my crying, but it doesn't work. I can hear the black bear growling behind me.
On the path ahead of me I can see a hunter. The path is now about ten feet away. The hunter had a big gun and boots that were made for running. I tried to scream for help but nothing came out, I tried and tried again, but nothing. The black bear came and knocked me over, but instead of a growl coming out the bear said, “Alex would you like some pancakes?”
I was puzzled by this reply from the black bear. I replied back; “No, not from you.”
The black bear said to me, “But you love my pancakes, sweetie.” After the bear had said that, the bear toppled over me and it all went black. I could hear light footsteps coming up the stairs. I opened my eyes slowly and I could see my mother peeking into my room. My mother said again to me, “Do you want some pancakes for breakfast?’’
“Yes,” I replied, still half asleep.

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