Adventure in the Mountains pt. 2

October 30, 2012
By ravenmc123 SILVER, Fountain, Colorado
ravenmc123 SILVER, Fountain, Colorado
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I stud up and froze in my tracks. Te speakers said that they were coming in my direction. My friends ran, then they noticed that I wasn't following or in the front. They came back to get me out of my mesmerized state.

"Sierra, come on they're coming" yelled Ashley.

"Do you want to end you dead?" asked Maddie.

When she menchend death I woke up and began to run. After a few feet we tripped over a log. We were in the snow trying to get up when we felt hands on our shoulders. We turned around and saw the guys helping us up. We were almost all on our feet when I saw something in the sky. The thing came straight and hard down on the log that we had t ripped on. It was one of the wolverines, We were so scared that we just stud there with glazed eyes at the beast.

The beast swung his arm back and reveled his claws. He swung down and grabbed Maddie and jumped back up in the air. The entire time we could hear her screaming than the sound vanished. From the right of us we heard a gunshot and all the wolverines jumped back towards the woods and vanished.

"Maddie, no!" Ashley, Ariel, and I yelled, We tried to go after her but the guys held us back.

"No if you go you'll end up in the same situation as her." said Isaiah.

We wanted to go so badly but we know he was right, If we went after her we would get captures too, than who would save her.

"Now what are we going to do? We have to go get her." said Ariel.

"We will get her back, but you girls need to calm down first." Dean responded.

" We also have to find someone that can help us get the their hiding spot." said Josh

"I can show you the way." We had no clue who said that. We looked around to see if anyone was there, but no one was there. We thought it was a ghost, as if this mountain couldn't get any weirder.

"I'm right behind you." We screamed and turned around and saw a man standing there. He was maybe in his mid-thirties, shaggy black hair and slit facial hair. He wore a long khaki pants and jacket, long sleeved button down brown shirt, a belt with 2 20 mm hand guns, a rifle hanging from his back, and several reloading rounds. He looked like the real deal.

" What do you mean you can show us the way?" I asked

" What I mean is that I know how and where to find your friend" he said

" What's your name?" Ashley asked.

"My name is Bob Colton, but people call me just Colt."

"Well Colt, why would you want to help a bunch of kids? What's in it for you?" Ariel asked

" I just want to kill those things. Besides I only want to help because I know someone who knows you and said that if I ever saw you I have to help you with anything."

"Who is this person?" Ashley asked.

"He's around here somewhere. There he is." He pointed to our left. "Come over here!" He commanded it like the person was his dog. The kid came over, you couldn't see his face because he was wearing a scarf around his nose and mouth. He was almost wearing the same clothes that Colt was. Khaki pants and jacket, but a navy blue button down shirt, 2 20mm hand guns, but a pistil instead of a rifle, and several reloading rounds. He was also wearing a hat so we couldn't see his hair.

"Who is he?" asked Josh.

"Take off the scarf and hat you don't need them here." The kid hesitated for a couple of seconds, but he did as Colt commanded. He took off his tan cowboy style hat first, he had short curly light brown hair. Than his black and white vertical striped scarf. I know him, he went to our school last year, he's a freshman now.

"Lance? Is that you?" I asked. I hadn't talked to him in forever.

"Yep, it's me. How's it going, Sierra? I was so happy to see him again. So happy to know that we were still friends. I was so happy that I ran up to him and gave him a hug.

" Ha, it's good to see you too."

" How long have you know Colt?"

"A couple of months. He thought me to shot a target that can move up to 100 mph and where their sweet spot is."

"So, how does he know where to find them?"

"Awhile back he put a tracker on one of them and tracked where he went. By doing that we know where it is, but there could be thousands of them. So, we haven't been there yet because we didn't have the manpower. Since you guys need to get there we might have enough power to attack them."

"So we'll learn to shot targets that can move 100 mph?" asked Isaiah. He seemed to happy.

"Yep. If you're interested?" mentioned Colt.

"Of course we are!" we all said.

"Than come with me back to my hut. I'll teach you there." We walked down a hill, though a path to a hut in the middle. It looked like the cottage in Snow White or Sleeping Beauty, but bigger and not so cute or sweet looking. We followed them into the hut. On the inside it was nothing like Sleeping Beauty or Snow White. There were guns and animal pelts all over the walls.

"It will take a couple weeks to learn."

"Weeks?" I asked.

"It takes a while to learn."

"But we might not have a couple weeks."

"You can stay here if that's the problem."

"But you don't have room and we just couldn't"

"Sure you can, and I do have room." He turned towards Lance, "Lance show the girls to their room. I'll take the boys to their room."

"Yes, sir." Lance came over to us, "Ladies, after you." We walked down a hall and some stairs to a wooden door. We opened the door it was so beautiful. The room was like an apartment, but better and bigger. There were 3 queen size beds. One was pink, another purple, and the last one was sky blue.

"I call purple!" yelled Ariel as she ran and jumped to the bed.

"I get blue!" I clammed.

"Than I get pink." Ashley said.

"If you want blue, you can have it."

"Thanks, but I'm fine with pink."

There was a flat screen HD TV, a refrigerator full of food, and a big window looking over the mountain.

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