The sky

October 29, 2012
By Asia Lucky BRONZE, Romulus, Michigan
Asia Lucky BRONZE, Romulus, Michigan
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I was walking in the sky; earth had gotten a little too boring. Before I had a chance to reach the sun I was grab from behind, but instead of being afraid. I actually felt safe-The scent of a mans cologne over took me- I was force as well as willing into a dark cloud never seeing my hero- kidnapper face but I could tell he was tall and very strong by the grasp that he had on me . Though he was very gentle he was aggressive. In a deep Dark Vader like voice he commanded that I didn’t waste m time screaming, we were skylines away from everyone. Blind folded and cotton candy tied to a crispy cream chair; this must have been a little taste of heaven. I had been sitting for a while growing hungrier by the second it seems if he had been watching me for hours. Though he never said a world I felt he’s presence. He asked was I hungry in that deep voice that sent chills down my spine. I shook my head in a child like manner, and then suddenly I began to cry, not knowing why. I wasn’t scared or anything. Maybe just a little over whelmed I was confused and excited at the same time. So many questions; but not the voice to ask. He began stroking my hair very gently with he’s strong hand. He demanded that I stop talking. While feeding me pizza topped with pickles. I asked if he could take the blind folds off of me. He said sure all you had to do was ask. With one hand he took my blind folds off. As they fell to the floor I watched them all the way down. Afraid to make eye contact with my kidnapper-hero. He lifted my head up with he’s hand. I was standing in the presence of the most gorgeous man I had every laid eyes on. He was about 6’3 caramel skin ton slender but muscle build. And when he smiled I fell in love. He grab my hand and began to run, before I knew it we were flying in and out of clouds avoiding the stars that most only see at night. In the sky I felt a high I never felt before. I’m a 17 year old girl, gone for hours surely my mother will be worried I thought. Not wanting to ruin what I had going for myself, I let the thought sink to the very back of my mind. Up and over and up and over swerving here and there. I hadn’t known it but I had fallen asleep on he’s back. The lightness I felt in the sky put me right to sleep. I want to go home I cried in that dark deep voce he said all you had to do was ask. And as I stretched awakening from my awesome dream I smiled.

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