Chapter 1: I Turn Soviet

October 26, 2012
By NizZzy1 PLATINUM, Arrowsmith, Illinois
NizZzy1 PLATINUM, Arrowsmith, Illinois
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I was sitting in my history class waiting for the homework to be passed out, like it was just another day at Ridden High School. It was a stormy day, more like it was raining like hell. Hello I am, er was Alec Cartmen a freshman in high school leading a normal life, well as normal as a life as you can in teenage life. I was just about to write my name on the paper when i got called to the office. I was puzzled at the moment, I wasn't going home at least i didn't think i was. So as i was going through the main hallways i was just abou tto turn to go to the main hallways towards the office when their was a huge exsplosion in the hall. All i can remeber is being thrown across the hall my ears ringing and my chest was exploding with pain, my arms and legs wouldn't communicate with my brain my head was feeling like a lead ball and i had a salty tast of blood entering my mouth. I attempted to look up and see what had casued the exploasion, all i saw was four men walking towards me, they appeared to be wearing some type of fighting clothes and black objects that looked like guns in their hands. I heard one mumble to the other sounding like "That's him" then they put their guns around their backs and came closer too me one grabbed my left arm the other my right. The next thing i know is i'm being dragged out the front steps of the school. I think i blacked out a couple times during the time because i vagley rembered being in a black van. Now a more recent memory of being tied to a chair and questioned. "Where is it lad?" one asked me "I dont know" i told him spitting the blood from my mouth where he punched me at him. "Don't toy with me punk we know you know where it is so how bout you tell me before i put this slug in your head so how but it hmm?" he said grinning as he reached for his pistol. I was about to just plain cuss him out before he shot me, but their was a slight twinge as the door opened, as if he wasn't expecting anyone to be coming through the door. As the door opened is when i saw them three people i belive two guys and a girl with their submachine guns drawn i could see the smirk on the one tall guys face as he openend fire on the other men. They dropped like dominos, they didn't have time to even turn to see who was shooting at them. As the smoke from the bullets cleared i could see the men bloody faces covered in the gooey liquid their faces twisted with pain, anger and horror as if death was yet another punishment for them. I looked up at the people who saved me half thinking that they were another team to try and kill me, until the middle one asked "Are you alright?" her voice sounded like a soothing water fall in a dojo. Her face covered by a ski mask and sunglasses so I couldn't see her face all the way i finally said "Yes who are you?" the next thing she did really suprised me was she handed me a 12 guage shotgun "Here use this the guards will be coming to see whats taking so long stay behind me and take out anyone who comes close to you" she said. She was about to go out the doorway until i realized something "Hold up what if i need help what do I call you guys?" i asked, all she said was "Sound off" The dude on my left said "Weaver" and the one on my right said "Hardcase" and she finally said "Sissy" then we started to run out the door. As we exited the main complex their were about 50 or so guards waiting out their to kill us that were very mad i was still alive as if I being alive some how messed with their paychecks which it probably did. We ran across the main field I heard Weaver talking in his radio "Bravo 6 we have the package ready for EXT whats your ETA?" he asked "Roger Weaver understood fall back to dropzone mark 2 too many SAM sites around the area to land over?" " Copy Bravo 6 fallin to mark 2 out" he said "Sissy mark 2 ETA 5 mins" he yelled " Alright people lets get a move on go, go, go>' she said. We keep on running and running. This place looked like a area from a World War Two movie towers everywhere with six feet barbed wire fences everywhere you look with a whole bunch of vehicales all around you. Bullets falling around us......

The author's comments:
I am writing my own book and i wanna see how the first chapter sounds please leave your comments and feedback please and thankx

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