comeback kid

October 25, 2012
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Comeback Kid

“Ready, set, hike!” The ball whipped into Jerry’s hands. He drops back in the pocket with a 220-pound lineman in his face. “Get open!” “Get open!”, Jerry screams out to his receivers. He has to make the decision to run. His arms are pumping back and forth trying to get the first down with one of the hardest hitters in the league coming at him. But he does not give up and takes a big hit. “Crack” comes from the hit that Jerry took. Screaming came from down on the field. It was Jerry and he was down.
“Jerry, Jerry are you ok?”, coach Dave yelled over the loud Holyoke Knights fans.

“No Coach, it’s not good, I think it is broken”, Jerry said crying with tears coming down hit face.

“Its ok son just focus on trying to come back for your big senior year”. “We oo we oo”. The sound of sirens came from the front gate of the Holyoke High football field. The red square car pulled up on the field with blinking red, white, blue lights coming from it.
Later that night Jerry got his cast on and got out of the hospital. Jerry’s tears made a path of water all the way from the exit door of the hospital to Jerry’s car. He was out for the rest of his junior high school season. All of his college scholarship offers he got from his outstanding grades but mostly from his football skills, were gone. Also his #1 qb rank in the United States that he got from putting up big numbers dropped down a lot. He was, mad but he knew that when he got his cast off he had to get ready for his senior year of football.

Six months of going through physical therapy and wearing a cast have past. Now it was time for him to do his own part, going to the gym everyday to build up his arm and just throwing the ball around. Finally he was back, benching 220 pounds and throwing the ball over 70 yards. Now he just had to prove to his coach that he is ready to start again.
“Coach, I’m ready”, Jerry told his coach nervously waiting for his response.
“Ok, I will give you the start in the first game and we will see by the first play of the game” Coach said trying to hold back his excitement of having his quarterback back.
The screaming of the loud fans when they announced Jerry onto the field was so loud the whole city of Holyoke could hear it. Then it was time. The offensive takes the field -- Jerry drops back in the pocket -- he has a wide receiver open deep down field -- he launches it down field right into the receiver’s hands who takes it all the way to the end zone!

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