October 24, 2012
By HK123 BRONZE, Holyoke, Massachusetts
HK123 BRONZE, Holyoke, Massachusetts
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I ran not stopping. My legs pumping faster and faster in the December air. My jacket wet from the early rain this morning, and my legs ached in pain. As I came to a stop at the corner of the street. I took out an old family picture and all the memories of that fatal night flew back at me……

It was only a normal night as my father walked into my room and sat at the end of my bed, at the time I was only 12 years old. He looked scared and worried. His eyes had bags under them and he looked tired as ever.
He took a breath before talking and he silently said ‘’Maylee …..Their is coming a day when they will come for you.”
I sat up and looked him in the eye “ who dad?”
“ Maylee your intelligence and smarts are noticed and I know someone who wants them for something fatal and horrible towards our nation…..”
“Dad please just answer my question….who?”
“Maylee they want you to hack the system of the CIA and data base in order to take over America….it’s…” he was cut off by a loud bang from my window and two men came in with guns. My father threw me back “leave Maylee!!!” He ordered. I jumped to my feet and ran. I stopped as I notice he wasn’t behind me. All of a sudden it was quiet. Then two gunshots killed the silent suburban house. I crept back to the room only to see my father lying on the ground…. dead. But where were the two men? I had a cloth thrown over my head but I struggled and kicked away. I made a mad dash for the door and never looked back. Afraid I too was going to get shot and killed.

Many times those men came after me and many times they never caught me, I lived off the streets and in shelters. I never settled always on the go I couldn’t stop I had to be in hiding. Its been 5 years since my father s libratory was shut down….5 years since he died. He was a scientist a good one….I have to stop! Stop living in the past and move on! I have to hide though…I was now on my way to Canada away from America . I hope they will not find me here I want to live a life they took away from me. I finally want to be happy. A bus stopped in front of me and the doors opened up ,I slowly stepped on and took a seat in the back. I was exhausted to the point that when I sat down I instantly fell asleep……

“Stop one to Ontario!” yelled the bus driver as my eyes fluttered open. This is when I get off . the bus pulled away from the stop I was in a small market place. I looked like a I was a homeless person compared to everyone here.
“Excuse me young lady..” I turned to see a mid age women looking at me with a smile. I did a fake fragile smile back at her. I had to force it because I forgot how to truly smile; happiness wasn’t in my vocabulary anymore.
“…Yes?” I said with a cracked quiet voice.
“Are you homeless? Do you have a home?” I shook my head and she opened up her bag. I took a step away just in case she could pull out a gun any minuet now.
“Don’t be scared my names Mrs. Lorie I work for child services I can help you…you can stay with me as we look for you family…”
I laughed when she said look for your family…. I don’t have one. But this was so sudden it took a while for my brain to process all of this information. “Um well…” I though…what if she’s one of them…I observed her over and over. She’s clean. “.... Okay…just that one thing…” I was going to tell her about troubled life but I decided not to. I stood next to ready to go where she went. She nodded and I did another famous fake smile.

***A couple months later****

She took me in for a while now. I got to know her and her family a lot. I was now walking from school… it was so weird going back. The spring breeze blew through my hair as I walked down a street towards the house. My boots hitting the black cement in a beat. It was peaceful and quiet. Nothing was wrong at this moment it was just right…calm and soothing. Birds chirped and the sky was cleared from nasty old rain clouds. But a car came driving down the street above speed limit. I was alarmed as I stepped behind a tree. It passed by but I was ready to run just incase it was those men again. I went back to being calmly walking in a steady motion. I though I heard footsteps but I didn’t look back I was too much enjoying the walk. I though maybe it was a squirrel. That was a mistake…all of a sudden a potato sack was thrown over my head and I saw no more light or the street I was walking on. As if my world was erased.
IT was a musky rotten smell that made my eyes tear up. I was being seated and the sack was taken off. I looked around it was dark but only a light above my head was shinning. It was cold and oddly quiet.
“Maylee….” I heard a familiar voice.
“Who’s there?” I asked on guard.
“Just do me the favor.” They took a small break and their voice went serious.
“Hack in…I promise if you do we will not touch a hair on your head…”.
”Who are you?” I asked losing patient.
“I know you and you know me…I know how smart you are I know your fears want strengths. I know everything about you…please do it….” I smirked and said in a sassy tone.
“Why should i? You’re not my father.” He laughed and stepped forward “Or am I?” I heard movement beyond the dark corner and as I looked up, I saw him. My eyes widened it was him.

His face was the same and in one piece, it was my father. My mind was blown trying to figure out how this was possible, how he was here? I was going to say something but my words went as fast as my actions. I got up but before I took a step towards him, my vision and hearing went blank with a bang!

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