October 12, 2012
By Jervias SILVER, Springfield, Illinois
Jervias SILVER, Springfield, Illinois
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I can’t, I just can’t remember, why won’t they just leave me alone? That’s what I thought when they ask me the code to the file that could stop the nuclear missile from lunching, but I still remained in silence in fact it was as silent as outer space with song that whispered in the silence, these people, will never, let, you go. So here I am sitting here in capitol building of the states, in silence, looking at the Washington monument from inside the Capitol with my best friends Annie Scott and Johnathan Simple. But I’m no tourist I’m captivated like a prisoner in his sentence, and my friends they don’t know the code but they knew that I knew and that everyone else that knew the code was killed and I don’t tell them because anyone who knows is in danger of being killed. In fact the only thing that probably saved me was that I’m a junior in high school. So let me show you where it all started, back in 2011.

Now here after Spring Break this where it all started. During Spring Break we went to Hawaii, the night before school started again we went home thinking and talking about how this Summer we’re going to Australia for all three months, but we’ll be back in time to get ready for senior year of high school.
“Annie, John how was Spring Break?” I said.
“Oh I don’t know you were only with us for let see the entire two weeks of spring break.” Annie said.
“I’m just glad your mom let you go with us to Honolulu, it sure was great.” John said with his semi cheesy surfer grin.
“Well we grew up together so I guess that counts for something.” I said.
“Oh, come on James, for course it counts you know as well as I do that your mom trust us.” Annie said.

Annie the beauty with brains, Annie has strait hair like a straightaway in the race track, her hazel eyes almost like diamonds shining and sparkling in light of the moon and darkness of the midnight sky. With sun kissed golden skin at least in the summer in the winter her skin is a soft white like old man winter’s granddaughter, bold smile that’s a show stopper who sees well except for me and John cause were so used to seeing it. Her hair color soft brown with dark brown streaks, a true blessing her is appearance, and she don’t take it for granted either. As an honor roll student, she’s definitely more than just her deceive looks.
Johnathan Simple a classy man, Honor roll student like Annie his appearance and personality are the only radical differences they have. John has jet black hair with blue eyes, white skin, and with a muscular body, his image seems complete.
And myself well I have golden blonde hair, with ocean blue eyes, tanned skin, athletic body type, and an honor roll student I can say me and my friends have a descent popularity status.
Me and my friends are like squirrels with the tree people in the inseparable football crowd bird over the broad light sky whales under the protective sea of friendship.
“Well, anyway, did you guys have fun in Honolulu?” Annie asked.
“Of course, Annie, we had fun the whole time.” I smiled with a grin.
I did a lot of things during those two weeks of vacation in Hawaii some surfing, R&R, oceanic parties we all did some things together, but at one point experiences happened to where we all remember that trip differently.
“Yeah, Annie, you’re acting like you weren’t with us.” John stated.
“Oh come on you guys know that I know you had a good time.” Annie said.
“We all remember Hawaii very differently.” I chuckled with a smile. Maybe just a little too differently.
“Indeed we do.” Annie laughed. They only know the half of it.
“True that man, that trip was totally boss.” If only they knew my side the trip. John also laughed, next thing you know we’re all laughing our butts off like were on laughing gas and fall to the ground crying from it.
“Ok then so, I wonder when the bell—” I stopped for the five second bell which symbolized that there was only five minutes before class started. “Well, there it goes. We should get to class before we’re late.” and that’s when the C.I.A suddenly came and took me and my friends from the sweet New York City to the boldness Washington D.C, and that we knew that they knew I knew the code.

“These C.I.A vans are huge!” Annie said.
“Well what do you expect that it would be small?” I asked sarcastically.
“No it’s just that I thought it wouldn’t be super big on the inside.” Annie said, gazing around in the huge van.
“Ma’am, Sir, I’m going to have to ask you to not talk on the way to your destination.” The C.I.A agent bellowed with a firm face.
“What’s your name?” I asked the C.I.A agent.
“Ben.” He bellowed “Ben Winters how about yours?” He asked me.
“James, James Springs.” I said with a tone stating that I was proud of my name. “Annie, John, remember the plan for these situations if they ask tell them you don’t know anything ok?” I whispered and covered myself with a half worried, and half confident tone. Then we hit a bump in the road, a big one and I slipped out of conscience.
“James are you ok? James, James!” Annie shouted frantically with a look that I knew it meant she was scared Oh god I hope this boy is going to be ok. Annie thought.
This probably is not going to end well. I thought.

Confused and disoriented I asked, “Where are we?”
“We’re here the capitol of the states.” John said with a grin on his face “‘bout time you woke up.” I hope James is ready for interrogation. James thought.
I wondered if he meant the building, or the city? “Are we like in capitol building?”
“Yes James the building, and the city.” John almost screamed.
“Ha ha ha” I laughed with smile “so how long have I been asleep?”
“Eight hours.” He said calmly but quickly.
I thought to myself, wow, I’m a heavy sleeper. “Oh wow!” I laughed with surprised but expecting tone. “I was really out of it huh?”
“Yeah you really took a hard hit.” Go figure John thought.
“Yeah, I guess so. Hmmm where’s Annie?”
“They took her for interrogation a few minutes before you woke up, more like eight hours ago, she didn’t want to leave until you woke up, but they had to drag her into the interrogation room and should be back at any—”
“James!” Annie said with a face that made it seem like see hadn’t seen me eight years instated eight hours. “James are you ok?” she rushed over and gave me a very tight hug, and then she kissed me on my check.
“Annie what’s the big deal you’re acting like my mom.” I said surprised.
“Johnathan would you come with us please?” said Ben the same C.I.A agent who was with us in the van on the way here. James you’re next he said calmly.
“Come on James let’s get some sleep. He’ll be in there for a while.” I looked at her funny.
“How long where you in there? I asked her.
“Eight hours.” I didn’t ask another question I just simply said ok.

“Oh wow that was some great sleep huh Annie.” I said.
“Yeah it was amazing maybe the best in a month or so.” She said with her sweet smile.
“I’ve slept with you tons of times, but this was great!” I said with a smile it wasn’t like I really sleep with her. Me, Annie, and John have sleep of over at each others house just about every weekend from when we were babies, to this day still.
“What time is it?” I asked.
“Nine o’clock.” Annie said.
I looked out the window to see the White house, Washington Monument, and the National mall.
“Wow look at that view Annie, isn’t it just lovely?”
“Yeah it’s just amazing, I mean wow the view from here.” Annie said.
“Hey look it’s the World War II memorial.”
“There’s the Vietnam War memorial.”
“There’s the Washington Monument.”
“The White House, and the National Mall.”
“Look at those trees, freshly new green leaves.”
“Oh yeah, and the clear blue skies.”
“Look at the Atlantic Ocean, it’s amazing Right Annie?” I smiled.
“Oh yeah it is like so beautiful, in fact I’m going take pictures while we are here.”
“Ok then.” Yup she going to have a lot of pictures by the time we leave. Then I thought no John still? I’d better ask Annie. “John still isn’t here huh.” I said the door cracked open.
“Now he is.” Annie said.
John stepped out of the interrogation room and sat right next me and Annie.
“What’s up guys” he said.
“James, it’s time.” Ben said. I thought to myself oh boy here we go.
“Well I’ll be back in eight hours I guess.” Then I thought to my self I’m forgetting something but I can’t figure out what.

This bring us up to now I can’t remember the code and I’m in here listening to the same numbers over and over again, and looking out the window to see that there was the skyline of New York City, this reminds me of the time I went to the Indiana dunes with of course Annie and John and we saw Chicago, IL across Lake Michigan, we went to Chi-town too, but as I listened one more time I remembered, it wasn’t 12 18 26 41 68, it was all of the second number of each digit so the code is 2 8 6 1 8.
“We need to go to Arrington.” I said boldly and hopefully.
“Why so?” said one of the C.I.A agents.
“It’s because I remember now.” I said.

We rushed over to Arrington, VA because that’s where the pentagon and the unstable nuke were.
“How long is it going to take us?” Annie said.
“’bout five minutes.” Ben said.
“Ok how long did you say until this thing blows up?”
“If uncontained, which it is, than one hour. I said calmly.
“What!” Annie screamed.
“Whoa bro that’s not good what are the stats?” John said.
“ It’s very large blast range 7 mi, radiation range 14 mi, heat range 21 mi, cloud range 28 mi, and sound range 34 mi.” said Ben. “The biggest one ever built by far.” Also the most dangerous one too.
“We’re here let’s hurry I don’t feel like dying today.” Annie said with a smile but I knew she was serious. How did we get ourselves into this mess?

Well here I am punching in the code and saving the 34 mi around me and America from having another 9/11 issue caused by us. It really went well afterward I got a kiss from Annie, the chance to save the day and it was Friday so we had a sleep over in the finest hotel in D.C, the Central Intelligence Agency otherwise known as C.I.A said it the least could do to help me have a fine weekend. What an adventure, I got to share it with my best friends and it was so we truly threw a party in the U.S.A capitol. Annie had over a hundred pictures by the time we left.

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