Ivan's Way of Hunting

October 11, 2012
By Jackson Hardee BRONZE, Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina
Jackson Hardee BRONZE, Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina
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Rainsford was working like a madman, knowing that he was seconds away from being brutally hunted by General Zaroff and his blood-thirsty hounds. Rainsford remembered a trick he had learned in Uganda where one can fasten a knife back with a sapling and make a tripwire to activate it. Once he set the trap, he dashed away as fast as possible to avoid his predator. The screaming of the hounds stopped and Rainsford peered through a gap in the trees. Rainsford’s attempt was successful and the knife had struck the correct target. General Zaroff was rolling around on the ground, ironically pushing the knife deeper in. As Zaroff struggled to dislodge the knife in his throat, Ivan cried out, “The whole world will end without you. You must live on.” Ivan yelled phrases in Russian that echoed through the forest. Rainsford had learned a little bit of Russian when he was hunting for ice wolves in Siberia. He could make out what Ivan was saying.
“No, no, no! Why master? Why?” Ivan said as he fell to his knees to hear what Zaroff had to say.
“Finish what I start…” said Zaroff as he ceased to move. His eyes were lifeless, and his wound had stopped bleeding.
Quietly Ivan said “I will” and then he slung Zaroff over his shoulders and headed back towards the mansion.

Rainsford was confused as to what was happening so he told himself “I shall follow Ivan back to the mansion and find the answer there” which is what he did. As Rainsford stalked Ivan, he believed that if he did away with Ivan, he could set free the sailors and find a way to get to Rio. Ivan reached the mansion and found a nice place in the front yard and started digging. After ten minutes of digging, Ivan lifted himself out of the hole and delicately wrapped General Zaroff in some velvet blankets and gently deposited his body in the deep, dark hole that already reeked of death. Ivan filled the almost vacant hole with the excavated soil and said a quick prayer then marched into the mansion. Rainsford stealthily approached a window and saw Ivan preparing for a battle donning his old uniform, holding an elite rifle over his shoulder, two intimidating pistols on his belt, and a combat knife in his holster. Rainsford knew that a battle was coming so he had an idea. He deftly ran to the facility where Zaroff kept the sailors that he hunted and captured. Rainsford busted in and found dozens of eyes lay upon him.
Rainsford shouted out, “If you want off this island, then follow what I say. There shall be a battle against one man and he is the one who is stopping you from leaving.”
A sailor spoke up and said, “What if we don’t want to fight?”
“Then you can stay here until the day you die? Now who is with me?” stated Rainsford. The sailors all agreed with the approval of their yelps. They prepared with homemade bow and arrows and leftover hunting knives that were found in the facility. As they prepared, Rainsford paced around with anxiety, thinking “What will I do with any remaining sailors and how do I even know that they are worthy of fighting for their freedom instead of cowardly retreating?”
Once they were ready, the sailors and Rainsford quickly scattered into the forest waiting for Ivan to come out. Around sundown Ivan marched out, equipped with his finest gear and his pack of dogs at hand. The forest was eerily quiet until the dogs began to growl into the empty air. Then all of a sudden, an arrow shot by one of the sailors and pierced Ivan’s shoulder. This caused him to let go of his pack of dogs. Once loose, the dogs sprinted towards them as they all jumped out with battle cries. At that moment, the dogs lunged at some of the sailors and injured many of them even though the hunting knives were effective at fending the dogs off. Ivan unloaded his rifle into the makeshift band of soldiers. He reloaded his rifle, unknowingly sealing his fate. One sailor got close to Ivan and knocked away his rifle but in sync, Ivan kicked the sailor straight into the ground and fired multiple rounds into the sailor with his two pistols that he was wielding on his hip. Absentmindedly leaving his fully loaded rifle behind and with a pistol in each hand, Ivan fired until the clips were empty. It was just Rainsford and three other sailors versus Ivan.
Ivan yelled, “You will pay!” as he pulled out a large knife and charged at them. Knowing that Ivan was going for Rainsford, the sailors retreated and left Rainsford to fend for himself. As Ivan tried to tackle Rainsford, he side stepped swiftly and dodged Ivan. He sprinted for Ivan’s rifle that he had left on the ground. Ivan noticed this but it was too late because as soon as he turned around, Rainsford had already taken aim and fired a bullet straight between Ivan’s eyes. Almost immediately Ivan fell to the ground with a loud thump. Rainsford shakily got up and dropped the rifle, taking a deep breath. Rainsford looked around and saw dead men all around him and Ivan’s large body in front of him which was reminiscent of the horrors from when he had served in World War I.
“After a day like this, I need a rest.” Rainsford said and drug himself into Zaroff’s master bedroom where he slumbered the night away. Rainsford describes his rest, “It was the most excellent sleep I have ever had”.

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